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  1. I finally downloaded them all and I must give props to everyone on their fantastic looking paint jobs. Many thanks to Vonrd! Luft, Schafer, and Labroisse; your crates are especially beautiful, I must say. Makes me want to go back and rethink mine!
  2. Welcome! Great flying tonight on NFF! Someone will be along shortly to help you out.
  3. Man it would be great to see the other guys perspective on what you were doing.
  4. Can you post a weathered vs new comparison?
  5. Per the initial announcement it said halb cl2 and brisfit.
  6. Is there a way to have recorded in game videos from another person and load them on my profile for editing? As in for multiple views from other players?
  7. Can you have the icons listed off to the side and as the are completed they are checked off?
  8. Got in. I think I posted in the right spot.
  9. Will new webpage have individual pilot dossiers? Could perhaps have links to each pilots custom skins?
  10. Cool!!! Looks great, thank you for your hard work.
  11. Awesome! Can someone post a screenshot of mine please? I'm away from the house for the next 2 weeks
  12. Actually, can you do LvR's colors but swap yellow for black and put that personal spade forward of the fuselage iron cross. If you can find a cool spot for imperial tri colors stripe that would be great too. Wherever you prefer on fuselage or tail section. http://www.mincbergr.net/uploads/images/planes/German-planes/fokker-dri-454-17-lothar-3.jpg
  13. Can I get this as my personal graphic please sir? Just the spade/skull from the center. On center part of any J11 skin. Thanks!
  14. Man that's great. Thanks for all the hard work. Does not go unnoticed
  15. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/38689-10-free-fc-discount-voucher-codes/ On the FC forum. No excuses gents!
  16. I'll go ahead and post a link to our current page. My apologies in advance for stepping on anyone's toes!
  17. I was back home for the weekend and picked up FC. I was able to sneak in a flight with both planes for about 10 minutes. All I can say is... WOW. Can't wait for the full volume!
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