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  1. i would like the emblem assistance. i'd also like a verson for rise of flight so i can add it to like alb d2
  2. whats up everyone, My apology for being absent my daughter was visiting.... Respects Velts
  3. bro my daughter is flying to see me she lands sometime tonight havent seen her since 2018





    1. Klaiber


      That's awesome news!  Have a great time catching up!

  4. When you have time, just PM me, I can throw up the training map.

  5. i put details in a private message to you




    1. Veltjens


      Also Brother I was the Velts back in beta days of Red Baron 3d assigned to Jasta 11 Alb d3 plane of choice and piper and I would dogfight for ours him and that damn camel lol....can you correct my stats please one of the originals brother




      PS I know someone came years later while i was fighting in the war using Veltjens name,,  that pilot was not me.....

  6. flying circus should i buy it

    1. Vonrd


      Hi Velt,

      I would say yes if you can afford it. It does have issues and nobody has any idea if it will be expanded in the future. That being said, it's a lot of fun and is the only WWI sim JG1 is currently using. Many of us still have Rise of Flight still installed but as far as I know nobody is actively flying it at this point.


    2. Veltjens
  7. Hello everyone its been a longtime I was a member back in the rb3d days and would like to return Former Name Joseph "SEPPL" Veltjens timezone eastern teamspeak isnt installed but can be no have to replace my trackIR no working mic Rise of flight IL-2 everything and How ya been Klai? §!
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