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  1. So I have a day to decide, on a budget. My brain tells me to get the F/A-18 and Supercarrier. My heart says F-16C. Choices, choices. F/A-18 is more polished...and carrier ops...but F-16! EDIT: Went with Supercarrier and F/A-18 because brains over feels. It did help that the F-16 is reportedly still lacking some basic functions. Also the F/A-18 has a much more comprehensive tutorial selection. Still, loved flying that free F-16 while it lasted. Now I will spend some hours learning the plane and hopefully I can join JG1 members for carrier ops.
  2. Covid stuff be damned, walking the ceremony is good but the best part is getting out and using your degree afterwards! Congratulations, I wish you the best. Glad to see some younger people appreciate the nuances of WWI combat simming.
  3. Whatever we end up doing, I'll be there. I do want to give a big thanks to everybody who works on FiF. S!
  4. I think the VR crowd is relatively small still, but it would be sad if people uninstalled RoF. The thing about events is that it isn't like a nightly server game, I would say that ~80% of us are in Squadrons, and we can pack a 70 player server if people show up. It's the Squadrons and the organization that keeps this WWI gameplay alive. If JG1, J5, 103rd (or whatever they are now) 1 PL, J99 etc etc say that we are doing RoF for a run, I think (or hope) that most flyers would be interested. That's my thoughts on the matter. If we can roll 30 vs 30 in FC with mostly Squadrons, we can get 20 vs 20 for RoF, and that's enough for me. Maybe one of the draws for an RoF event would be that we can do Early War. So we can do events between events, sometimes we fly FC for late war (bullshit planesets), and sometimes we fly other eras (and good planesets). I'm sure some people miss the challenge of using a single gun in a wonky aircraft. Makes me want to hop in an FE2 right now...
  5. The planeset is borked even without the DM changes. I cannot stand that they gave the Entente the Brisfit as their two-seater. They have all the speed advantage so flying German is frustrating because every encounter where they run, it's like, okay let them go. At least in FiF we get to play both sides, Bloody April was...fun but somewhat *special* for Alb jockeys. Honestly let's just play some RoF, it is still a beautiful game IMO, it runs well, and the planesets are dynamic. I miss it. That FiF we did with early planes over eastern England was fun as hell. I miss the Handley-Page and Gothas. I mean, I can still load it up and fly single player but the events were so great. Some people have expressed that the flight model is better in FC, and I would say to that, "Marginally." Sticking with FC seems just too limiting. We're going to be doing the same thing over and over and over instead of having larger maps and more choices in every respect. I may be in a minority here, but this is how I feel.
  6. I got around to watching Action in the North Atlantic and...holy crap that first sinking scene. In 1943 that couldn't have been special effects, right? It looked way too clean, so those actors must have been running around real flames. Would definitely recommend the film.
  7. General design is by Butzzell, I made some modifications in consult with Heinrich and Luft, so it seems fine to me. Any issues? The yellow taxi DR1 skin is just for fun.
  8. New Davjack Skins up here: https://forum.jg1.org/topic/7176-fc-new-skins-submission-thread/?do=findComment&comment=58668
  9. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2rduvwx0sqk2rkh/Davjack central final.zip?dl=0 Final versions of my skins, ready for the JG1 pack. S! everybody who helped me along the way.
  10. @Heinrich Turns out I had the alpha channel right, but I wasn't using the correct save mode when exporting to DDS so it didn't use the alphas anyway. Fixed the problem and I will be uploading a new skin pack in the submission thread. Thanks for the tip!
  11. Thanks to Butzzell who did an amazing job on all of these. These are all his designs, I just made one minor tweak, and that is to add the checkered stripe to the underside of the wings for identification from below. Includes DV, Pfalz3, D7, D7F and the DR1. Zip contains the Data>Graphics>Skins>Folders tree for easy install, and do overwrite the DV and P3. EDIT: There are some problems with my skins that I am going to work out. So this pack is nuked for now. Skins work, but there are some minor problems I need to fix before they should go in a skinpack.
  12. I re-read this because Steam users seem to only get two weeks free trial and Client users get a whole month. Okayyyyyy gonna go through the trouble of linking the Steam account and re-downloading everything because the Steam version is ridiculously gimped. How to copy your licenses over from Steam to website account (thanks Britchot!): https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=229207 How to transfer files from Steam to Open Beta client: https://www.reddit.com/r/hoggit/comments/6zdjxj/how_to_transfer_steam_files_to_standalone/ It's not very hard at all and definitely gonna need those extra 2 weeks of free play. ^^Edit This method works but be sure to back up your keybindings from where ever Steam puts them before you uninstall the game. Lost all my YAK-52 and P-51D binds. Augh.
  13. Sweet, a Steam sale!
  14. Can you link Steam products back to the Open Beta client? I don't want to have two installs of DCS because of the sheer size of it, but I also don't want to lose the Nevada and Gulf maps. Using Steam for this was a terrible decision. All the campaigns are 50% off but none of the planes are. What the H, ED?
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