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  1. @Vonrd, you mention an aircraft cable that is 22ga or waaaayy thicker than this, so it wouldn't work here. Im familiar with that, and it would be a much thicker braid of wire. The braided wires for the Saitek are so small that if the metallic braid is substantial...the actual wires inside have to be TINY. Thats my question: can I crimp 22awg copper braids to 30gauge spice wires and get a result? I'm not so worried about the shielding as with the wires themselves. The braided jackets on these wires are TINY. You posted 22 ga wire...this is something like
  2. Your In-Game Name: JG1_E.Davjack Your Squadron affiliation (with squadron website if possible): JG1 Your preferred roll (pilot, tanker or both): Pilot Your time zone: PST/PDT North American
  3. I was landing in MSFS2020 the other day when I noticed that instead of braking with both feet, I veered off the runway. Left toe brake has failed. Tested the pots and they both had 5kOhm resistance so, it was time to take it it apart and see where the wire broke. I was stunned when I opened this thing up because the designing the wires to be inside the moving bar looks prone to fail. I realized later that the wires have to follow the movement of the foot pedals, but maybe allowing a little play in there instead of the hard glue might work better. In the second image you can see how the
  4. Had some good fights with Chunko over the years and a few where he made me feel like a complete novice. S! You will be missed.
  5. It appears that the bomb is surrounded by some rectangular structures as well as being surrounded by mounds of earth, so much of the horizontal force would be absorbed and/or directed up at an angle once it hit the sidewalls. I think this is why we don't see a shockwave or much disturbance in the nearby trees. This is a controlled demolition of course. But overall I think you are right that hitting a building with a smaller bomb (or bracketing it with a pair to weaken more sides of the structure) is more destructive than missing nearby with a bigger bomb.
  6. I played HOI 1 and 2 with my friends back in the day and really enjoyed them, but HOI4 is DLC hell, even for a Paradox Game. I can't remember what, but there is a feature in one of the DLCs that should've been part of the original game, or at least a free update, and that turned me off entirely. I loved CK2 a lot (I even played CK1, that was kinda rough), but after they expanded the map, especially India with even more polygamists, a top tier PC can't run it into a late game due to all the extra characters being born. I wrote a mod for adding character capture mechanics for siege victo
  7. So I'm watching Mark Felton's recent video on Balloon Busters, and I hear this story I'd never heard before of a Belgian named Willy Coppens landing his Hanriot on a balloon and waiting until it slid off to restart the engine and fly away. I pull up the Wikipedia page and it claims he did this intentionally only after he did it before accidentally. Whether or not those things ever happened, he destroyed a remarkable 34 balloons, lost a leg, participated in the resistance in WWII, and lived to be 94. I have a sudden urge to see what happens if I try to land a Hanriot on a balloon in ROF.
  8. Your In-Game Name: JG1_E.Davjack [if applicable] Your Squadron affiliation (with squadron website if possible): JG1 Your timezone: PST
  9. Merry Christmas, everybody! See you on the other side of 2020.
  10. The vertical/slow flight stalls in the 152 feel pretty good. The ground effect feels a bit weak on landing and short-field takeoffs, but not terrible. That probably has to do with the fact that real life flying has so much more feel to it, something that Helicopter pilots note when played DCS etc. I haven't flown in a decade (lots of reasons), and only ever cert for VFR, but I was trained in 2004 and was maybe part of the last large group of private pilots to learn the old school ways of piloting. I really only fly the 152/172 with analog so far, it brings me back. I've messed around wi
  11. @Klaiber Turned out to be some weird problem with my browser. Link is fine, but thanks!
  12. I highly agree with Fourspeed about TS vs Discord, but whatever gets more butts in seats. @Klaiber It looks like the Discord invite link expired or something? Could you please re-post?
  13. Your In-Game Name: JG1_E.Davjack Your Squadron affiliation (with squadron website if possible): JG Nr. I Richthofen (https://jg1.org/) Your timezone: PDT/PST May be interested in turning in my scout for a bomber some days...excited to get back to ROF!
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