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  1. The vertical/slow flight stalls in the 152 feel pretty good. The ground effect feels a bit weak on landing and short-field takeoffs, but not terrible. That probably has to do with the fact that real life flying has so much more feel to it, something that Helicopter pilots note when played DCS etc. I haven't flown in a decade (lots of reasons), and only ever cert for VFR, but I was trained in 2004 and was maybe part of the last large group of private pilots to learn the old school ways of piloting. I really only fly the 152/172 with analog so far, it brings me back. I've messed around with Garmins and Autopilot so far in MSFS, and it is nice to do an altitude hold and kick back, but my entire experience of flying was to check the WX, use an E6b, trim the aircraft, and hold the heading/altitude for however long I had to. Pilotage: fixing position using landmarks and the sectional, was something my instructor said I was pretty good at, but the in game maps suck to the point where I have chosen to use a laptop next to me as a "kneepad." This is my main complaint with both MSFS AND IL2: FC. The in-game maps suck. Compared to ROF, why does FC only display larger forests on the map, making navigation confusing only except the map is so small you can see major cities all the time? And MSFS has a "VFR" map that is TRASH. It is so unlike a sectional it makes me a bit salty, because there is no altitude data and you can't even look up Nav frequencies! It doesn't even seem to portray minor highways and rail lines like a true sectional. Everything is meant to be set up through the pre-flight navigation system that hooks into the "N" nav menu. That doesn't allow for dynamic in-game analog Nav and it is annoying as hell. That said, I love this game a lot and I will overlook a lot of the faults...like my home airport not having a VASI for some reason despite the South SF Bay area being pretty well rendered. As Vonrd said...their Tree Algorithms need a bit work, but I'm glad to see the Devs seem to support the game.
  2. @Klaiber Turned out to be some weird problem with my browser. Link is fine, but thanks!
  3. I highly agree with Fourspeed about TS vs Discord, but whatever gets more butts in seats. @Klaiber It looks like the Discord invite link expired or something? Could you please re-post?
  4. Your In-Game Name: JG1_E.Davjack Your Squadron affiliation (with squadron website if possible): JG Nr. I Richthofen (https://jg1.org/) Your timezone: PDT/PST May be interested in turning in my scout for a bomber some days...excited to get back to ROF!
  5. Hmm. Thanks for the test. Since I deleted my .psd files like a moron, I'm not sure if that is something to be corrected directly in the dds files.
  6. Lots of fun flying Gothas against your HD.2s. Where can we see the official Action After Report? I want to know if Gotha Flight 2 hit that railyard real good. S! Looking forward to next ROF mission.
  7. I am 100% there for this. I love RoF, I didn't realize how much I missed it until today flying with Adler Legion.
  8. I would love this. RoF is the reason I joined JG1. FC has been...disappointing overall. It's a complex subject, but I would prefer a variety of planes that allow for historical eras.
  9. This is something my instructors never taught me! I did one spin lesson and that was it, maybe the plane did it all for us, lol. It was not a PPL requirement 20 years ago. The general idea is that you never get yourself in that situation in normal flight, but you can get out of it. On one of my first flights, the instructor told me to turn to a heading and I yanked/banked the C152 to it and he said "whoa, we arent fighting the Germans!" One thing that REALLY annoys me about this game is that it seems to demand a higher bandwidth threshold for downloading than it needs. If I monitor my downloading while tooling around at 120 KTS, the game only needs 2-3Mbps to download the buildings and textures at the speed of a Cessna. However, if my overall download is under 10Mbps (most days 10am-10pm), the game will disallow streaming textures. So I probably could have an enjoyable experience during peak hours on my 4g connection, but the game wont let me. EDIT: Here's something I noticed yesterday. I had the Logitech Gaming Framework software installed, but never used it for anything. When running FS2020, the Logitech Gaming software hogged around 8gb of RAM for no reason. So unless you use it for profiles and such, it could be beneficial to uninstall it or at least monitor the use.
  10. Like Vonrd, I'm starting to see some limitations in the flight model. I can't get the C152 to spin. I can get the C172 to spin for maybe two rotations, but it really doesnt want to and pulls itself out. Which is interesting because the devs said specifically that their flight model is built to simulate spins. The basic slow flight and stalls feel right, though. I really hope Microsoft continues to support the sim. I'm skeptical, but the game has sold well for being a Flight Sim. I'm always going to love ROF. It's not perfect, but I feel like it really encapsulates flight. I think I'll take a flight over England in an Eindecker while MSFS downloads the whole SF bay, Santa Cruz, and Monterey areas (for the next day). The manual cache process is very annoying, since you have to zoom very far in to download high quality textures. Makes it so that I had to select Medium for the whole SF Bay to Monterey area, and then go into each city and spend an entire hour selecting the high quality areas, especially all the airports. Man, I have a 1TB SSD I can dedicate to this game, I hope they fix this so I can select broad areas of high quality. Where have you guys been flying? I have cached Chicago, New York, and downloading SF area. Next I will take the time to pre-cache the Hawaiian islands.
  11. This game is AMAZING. There is a location icon for Los Gatos, CA, that starts you right next to my highschool and they must have done a custom job because the game can't actually be good enough to do this on its own...can it? The screenshot is of my highschool and it is startlingly accurate. The building layout is exact, you can see the team logo on the football field and even the new solar panels in the parking lot (notice the ones pointing the wrong direction lol). My parents cul-de-sac looks exact (except for the trees) down to the white gazebo in my neighbor's backyard. The nearby strip mall is also almost exact. The game can't be that good, right? Maybe it has to do with the fidelity of the satellite imagery, and the SF Bay Area has been extensively captured in high res. So I tried going somewhere I knew, but wouldn't be as high res and...that house on the corner there is my grandparents house. I know most buildings are supposedly generic but...that's startlingly close. Flight feels good, too! Haven't tried setting up hairy weather conditions, but the 152 and 172 handle a lot like I remember. So far the only downside is that my crappy internet connection can only stream data live off peak hours. So I have to pre-download areas if I want to fly any time other than 11pm onward.
  12. Hour 56 of the download. Food supplies are almost depleted, fresh water is scarce, and the natives are getting restless. Send help. I'm looking forward to seeing how the game handles the ICON A5 water landings and wave physics in general. I still occasionally load up RoF just to mess around with the seaplanes, it's a lot of fun to surf around the heavy seas in a Felix.
  13. I'll give em another ten years to get each and every building on earth correct. My fidelity test will be flying over my parents house, and if my highschool football field is at least correct, I'll be amazed. ...when it downloads in another 2 days.
  14. 91gb Download...woof. https://www.protocol.com/microsoft-flight-simulator-2020 That's a really neat article about how the technology came about. It is astounding what they have done using satellite mapping and local data/assets to create the planet. I'm interested to see how they have handled cultural building styles. I'm sure big cities like New York have been custom made for fidelity, but will the suburbs be generic buildings across cultures? Can't wait to find out!
  15. I chose either one, because I think they'll put us all together and I don't mind either way.
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