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  1. I ended up buying the Yak-52 and it is a lot of fun to just fly around. I saw a video online of a guy on multiplayer with Combined Arms shooting IGLAs with a MANPAD. Looked...interesting. Maybe next sale.
  2. Spent the whole weekend with the family, but that timeslot works better for me than any other, moving on. We almost got our two-seaters!
  3. And they take .177 pellets only moderately well, all things considered (once we got older). That was more of a plastic green army men thing, though.
  4. I only joined JG1 last fall, so I didn't know that FiF ends for the summer. I'll miss it. Good flying, everybody!
  5. The best part about Lego creations was always destroying them. My brother and I would build forts and bombers and stuff and just hurl them at each other until the forts fell apart...and then we could do it again next weekend.
  6. I'm sort of interested in playing DCS like a very high-fidelity RTS game. If anybody here played Wargame: Red Dragon, they know what I mean, but more in real time and much better graphics.
  7. Yeah, PG is the map that echoes real world operations these days. I think I'm going to wait for the F-16 or maybe if the F-14 goes on sale in the fall/winter I'll pick that up. Though, the F-16 wouldn't let me do Carrier ops. Goddammit DCS why are you so expensive and yet so good? Does anybody here have Combined Arms?
  8. I keep wanting to get into DCS but man, it's like you need to spend the same amount of time and commitment as a military pilot to learn some of these things. I just don't have that type of time, at least with a WWI or WWII bird I can hop in and do it. I'd have to pick one modern plane and learn it. I can't decide if that is the F-14 or the eventual F-16. I'm a fighter pilot at heart, so do I want the best long range AA missile or the best thrust-weight ratio (and sexiest airframe)? Buying the Persian Gulf map on sale, though. I'll tool around Abu Dhabi in a Huey for kicks.
  9. This is the plane that makes me really regret that they do not have individual key-bindings in this game. P-38 gonna be worse.
  10. I'm gonna have to make time for this Thursday. I keep reading about these large JG1 flights.
  11. At least IL2 seems to have a better grasp on how Windows IDs units. I haven't had a single issue with IL2. ROF is indeed a mess.
  12. That's the smart way to do it. The idiot's (my) way is to save new profiles each time called something like JOY-1 THROT-0 PED-2 ect etc. It's not ideal. Thanks for the post!
  13. Sweet. I'm going to take a break this week and not attend tomorrow, but I'll see you all on the 11th!
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