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  1. Damn, I'm gonna have to miss it for a ski trip. Hope we aren't too outnumbered for the last game, I know I haven't been able to show up that much this go-around. Looking forward to FC games but I'll miss RoF and all the options it gave us. That southern England game was a blast. S!
  2. To all my fellow Californians: be safe, have a plan, have escape materials. I live up a winding one-way road in the foothills. It's a very scary thing.
  3. I with Larner on hating the N17 even with Luft's unspoken...things. I plan on showing up this weekend. It's been awhile! I'm caught in the California power outage but I have a generator that runs off my big propane tank and I can bundle gaming time in with refrigerator time. 😎
  4. I took 20 minutes in the P-38 and I love it. So many great things, but now I gotta be a better shot. Because if I hit a 190 wing with even just the 4 .50s, they all hit together and the wing shears off. If my aim is crappy, and it is, I miss entirely. I hope Repair/Re-arm/Refuel replaces the 5 minute respawn timer for DiD events. Instead it should be at least a 10 minute respawn timer. Wounded pilot in a high stakes situation asks himself, how wounded am I?
  5. Maybe this weekend... (I keep telling myself that).
  6. Ohhh, okay I get the Rasp Pi now. You've taken the load off the video card and put it on a usb controller. I had no idea, lol, I'm pretty behind the cutting edge these days. That mount looks like something that would work, if I cut the curve off the desk. Lol. I could move the setup right but then I am too close to a door and yadda yadda. As for when I am flying with you all...next FiF? I haven't been gaming much at all lately. I've been thinking that when the P-38 and ETO map hit IL2, I'll jump on that, but it's time dependent.
  7. Why does it require a Raspberry Pi? Couldn't you do the same thing by having two monitors off your video card and drag a jpg to the other screen? Klaiber: Lol you're lucky. My cats don't contribute. Here's my small setup. I like the Force Feedback. I am considering cutting away that curve on my desk so that I can mount my throttle below the desk.
  8. Luft, I am so jealous of that upper monitor with the map. No wonder you usually know what's going on. Is it active or an image placed on a second monitor? Klaiber, you've seemed to have solved the Cat Problem with those beds. Always fun when you're about to enter a furball and suddenly a persistent furball tries to claw its way into your lap. Britchot...that's a fuzzy seat you got there, man. Add that microphone and you're a radio DJ from the 80s.
  9. I just saw Steely Dan last Tuesday (for the 4th time). Such a great show. Compared to a lot of aging bands, Steely is always full of energy and every song is a masterpiece, so I wish the concerts are four hours and not just two. RIP Becker. For any HP Lovecraft readers, this is amazing. I laughed my ass off through the whole thing.
  10. Just a note to the squadron: I am going to be really flakey for a couple months. I'll make it if I can. S!
  11. I signed up. 50/50 on being able to fly tomorrow. Hopefully see some of you on TS.
  12. Is there any consensus on how we should vote? I cannot decide. Also, how should I register my name on the IL2 account for this. JG1_E.Davjack as per RoF?
  13. I ended up buying the Yak-52 and it is a lot of fun to just fly around. I saw a video online of a guy on multiplayer with Combined Arms shooting IGLAs with a MANPAD. Looked...interesting. Maybe next sale.
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