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  1. I must've watched this series about 10 times over the past few weeks, it's a true labour of love. 40k isn't really my thing, but this ticks all the boxes. The attention to detail is spectacular, with every little bit matching the look and feel of the universe. The best thing about these is that the Astartes, as incredible as they are in 40k lore, are up against some really competent, well-organised opponents, not some random cannon fodder.
  2. That's a seriously rare bird. Great to see a 1st gen jet being kept in airworthy condition.
  3. Funny you should post this now, I watched Montemayor's documentaries two days ago. His work is exceptional, these videos are true gems.
  4. Wow, this is great! Thank you! The general layout and all the major features look bang on. Seeing that this is a procedurally generated scenery I wouldn't expect the same level of detail when up close, but still that's MIGHTY impressive. You made my afternoon good sir!
  5. In case your repairs don't work, there's always the option of using the Russian approach to problem solving. Do note that the film depiction isn't entirely accurate, as the real-life procedure involves the use of magical incantations (i.e. an unbroken chain of Slavic profanity for the duration of the process) for maximum effect. I used this technique many times and I'd be happy to give you some pointers. I'd recommend starting with a hammer. On a more serious note, good luck with those repairs.
  6. Excellent quick walkaround of a Polish MiG-23MF. Apologies for linking to Facebook, video takes AGES to load.
  7. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  8. Exactly. Recent European designs have shown that the delta wing still has plenty of life in it.
  9. Your parents have a fine taste in cars, I learned to drive at a ripe old age of 13 in my mum's Legacy Outback of a similar vintage and in that exact shade of dark green. I'd love to check out my neighbourhood (directly to the south of the Warsaw Babice airport aka EPBC) from the air. My parents' home is in that partly wooded area of pentagonal shape right behind the airfield. The forest in the upper right corner is where I walk my dog on weekends. Note how one of the old runways was turned into a public road. As a side note, EPBC (now a civilian airport reserved for general avi
  10. It's always a disheartening experience, especially if you've put a lot of work into making sure the car is ready for the track. I'm sorry bud, gonna drink one to your car's health tonight. What kind of engine is that? If it's a Mazda BP then you have plenty of options. Perhaps a high compression build using a 1.8 litre block and a 1.6 head would work (is the cylinder spacing the same though?). Skim the head a little bit, use a thinner head gasket, add some mild cams... Unless of course your racing class demands the use of production components.
  11. Disregard the erroneous title, it's quality stuff. I believe this was the first time Soviet jets came over to North America to do an airshow.
  12. Went for a quick run on the Cold War server, spotted you with your freshly minted JG-1 tags. Welcome aboard!
  13. S! Markof, that does sound great. Unfortunately none of my friends have a curved screen, so I can't even try one out. That's a solid recommendation though, I'll keep it in mind. Had the same issue before I finally settled on my current monitor. The Dell appeared to have a good balance of all the major performance factors. It wasn't cheap, but quality hardware rarely is.
  14. That setup would EASILY run 1440p at 70-80fps in DCS, potentially even more. I have a Zotac 1070 and an i5 and am getting decent results, with fps almost always above the 60fps mark with very high details (and that's in a game engine not known for its excellent optimisation). Trouble is, a solid 1440p monitor will exceed your budget, so it looks like 1080p is the way to go. That Acer monitor looks very promising, though its 4 ms response time seems rather underwhelming against the 144 Hz/G-sync compatibility. Not sure how I feel about a curved screen, haven't tried one yet.
  15. Agreed. My current monitor has 1 ms, wouldn't have changed it for anything else.
  16. I'm not much of a PC geek and don't know a lot about hardware, but I can wholeheartedly recommend Dell monitors. I've been using one of their 1440p, 144 Hz displays for the past few years and I couldn't be happier. My only gripe is that 1440p is particularly bad for spotting aircraft in DCS (believe it or not, in 1080p spotting range is far longer than in higher resolutions), but I didn't know it at the time I bought my Dell so I can't really complain. Based on my experience I'd recommend the following criteria for selecting a gaming monitor: - 1080p display (much cheaper than any 1440p o
  17. Hello Walker, welcome to JG1 forums. Our CO should review your application soon.
  18. Found this page on NVA attack helicopter tactics, could be useful! https://www.nva-flieger.de/index.php/taktik/arfk/angriffsverfahren-gefechtsordnung.html
  19. Hello Gleam, thanks for dropping by. Our commander will be with you shortly.
  20. You might want to have a look at this: https://stormbirds.blog/2020/08/01/grim-reapers-qa-with-eagle-dynamics-reveals-future-details-for-dcs/ There are some gaping holes out there, no doubt about that. I'm looking forward to the MiG-23 and AvioDev's Mirage F1, they will spice things up on the Cold War server. The Phantom represents a massive missed opportunity, I'm pretty sure people would be lining up to buy it. The Century Series aircraft, while very nice, wouldn't be a sound business proposition for ED - IMHO it's far more likely they'll get picked up by 3rd party devs. I still don't
  21. Also quick note - the Armeefliegerkräfte also flew the Hind. In late 1989 the KHG-5 "Adolf von Lützow" received the first of its 12 Mi-24Ps. They also had 20 Hind-Ds and numerous Hips.
  22. Not much to say except "I want this".
  23. Two more videos from GS. Ate's handling of the Mirage 2000 is masterclass.
  24. Couldn't agree more. I'm a 90s kid, so of the RX-7s the FD would be my first choice as a weekend racer, but I'd happily drive around in an FC Turbo II. Pop-up headlights and rotaries make everything better (except when you're left collecting bits of apex seals from the rear muffler, but that's a minor inconvenience). On another note, your avatar looks a lot like Niki Lauda's lid from the mid 80s, except with reversed colours and reoriented stripes. You have fine taste in helmets.
  25. Pardon my French, but heilige Scheisse! If I were the surviving pilot I would've sent a crate of fine Scotch to Republic Aviation...
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