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  1. How to turn jet fuel into noise, Cold War style. I have a feeling @Klaiber and @Erhardt are going to like this one.
  2. As impressive as that looks, the utility of a ski jump-equipped CV is limited by the relatively small MTOW of the aircraft on board. The Chinese realise this, which is why they're moving away from Soviet-derived, heavily armed, ski jump-equipped STOBAR designs like the Lianoning and Shandong towards a US-style CATOBAR configuration with EMALS (look up "Type 003 aircraft carrier"). Still very cool to see a non-Western approach to naval aviation.
  3. Love C&Rsenal. Been watching them since almost the very beginning, about the time they did the first Mauser 98 video.
  4. I love these clips of Italian F-104s. It's 90s extravaganza - there's porn film music, tactical 'staches, questionable editing and Cold War jets. What more could you possibly want?
  5. Incredible air-to-air footage of Su-25SM3s in action at a target range. Note the variety of aircraft at the airfield: Su-35s, Su-30s, Tu-22s, Il-76s, MiG-29s, Su-34s and others.
  6. So you're one of those people who watched the trailer so many times they could've watched a full movie instead? Join the club.
  7. Simon from ED strongly hinted at it in a recent podcast with the Grim Reapers. They haven't made a formal announcement yet (they're "looking into it"), because they have the Russian MoD information barrier to overcome. Not sure if the Fulcrum would come before or after the also-rumoured AH-1 or AH-64, but after a major rotorcraft debut in the form of the Mi-24 I'd expect their next release to be fixed-wing (and not NATO, because F-16 and F/A-18C). Summary of the interview here.
  8. Exactly. It's just like we talked about a couple of days ago. IRL the plane gives plenty of feedback to the pilot by modulating stick forces and physically moving the column around (think force feedback on steroids). This is adjusted automatically with speed, altitude, angle of attack, stick deflection and other such parameters. It takes some getting used to (Robert Hierl, a Luftwaffe F-4 driver who got to fly the Fulcrum-A before moving on to the Eurofighter programme as a test pilot, mentioned this in his interview), but once mastered it makes the Fulcrum a formidable opponent in the WVR are
  9. I'm going to be flying the MiG-15 and 21 on the Cold War server tonight. If anyone out there is up for some flying then give me a shout, I'll be on the 104th Phoenix TS server.
  10. Since we've fallen into the rabbit hole of nostalgia... I played both of these on my sister's Amiga. To a 5yo Firefly strafing and dogfighting was where it was at. Apologies for hijacking the thread @Klaiber!
  11. Holy crap, those were made right around the time I was born...
  12. This is the very PC first flight sim I've ever played. Found this video entirely by accident. Oh, the memories!
  13. One of the greatest rock bands ever. My favourite album is Quadrophenia, though Sell Out is great too. Speaking of all-time greats, here's another one: I watched the similarly-titled documentary the other week, it's exceptional. I've always been an INXS fan, but now that fondness has grown into a full-time obsession.
  14. That's going to be quite difficult, with his current job and the YouTube channel he has hardly any time for games.
  15. I've known him for years, we flew together a fair few times during my War Thunder days as well as my short-lived IL-2: BoS transition. He's a fine chap, always insisting on choosing the best possible source material for his videos.
  16. Looks like we are witnessing the dawn of a new era in fighter aviation... Not that I'm too enthusiastic about optionally manned weapon systems. https://theaviationist.com/2020/09/15/the-u-s-air-force-has-secretly-built-and-flown-a-full-scale-demonstrator-of-its-next-generation-fighter/ https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/36431/the-u-s-air-force-has-flown-a-demonstrator-for-its-next-generation-fighter?fbclid=IwAR1zPIQFL6cwsS7cK3gFEChxWN5IHfiTirC7pYoK9hopIL4JWn5S70xZnkM
  17. Tonight's selection is brought to you by the Polish Air Force. Cockpit video taken a few years ago from a PAF MiG-29. Note the pilot has the HMS monocle on, which suggests there may be some captive R-73s under the outer wing pylons. This vid is a really good display of a standard landing pattern. A farewell flight of a MiG-21 pilot based in Malbork (nowadays the base hosts a squadron of Fulcrums). Notice how different the mid-90s kit is from what's being used today. This one has a great display of a formation takeoff. A glorious throwback to the early 90s, w
  18. Glad you like 'em, there's plenty more to come. I'm only just starting to uncover the depths of YouTube.
  19. Some interesting cockpit shots here. Please excuse the SHOCKING soundtrack.
  20. How to turn jet fuel into noise, Croatian style:
  21. This guy seems pretty excited about Pierre Gasly winning the Italian Grand Prix. If you've ever heard some over-the-top South American commentary of a football game (that's soccer for my Yankee colleagues) then this might seem familiar.
  22. One has to remember that the MiG-19 has had significant alterations to its FM since the time this video was released.
  23. If anyone's up for some DCS fun, I'm going to be flying on the Cold War server starting in about half an hour (1900 CEST). I will take a short break around 2030 and resume flying about an hour and a half later (2200). Unless I throw my monitor out the window I should stay online until very late in the evening.
  24. Welcome to JG1 forums Willi, glad to have another application from Europe!
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