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  1. Take care Vogel, get well soon! If the bugger doesn't die within the next few days then I suggest a classic Polish therapeutic method - get a 100 ml shot glass, add about a teaspoon's worth of freshly ground black pepper, pour ice cold Polish vodka over it, lighty stir, drink in one go (with the pepper!) and go to bed immediately afterwards, ideally under several layers of clothing to accelerate perspiration. Works like a charm for nasal congestion! Vodka is also a well-regarded, ahem, internal disinfectant.
  2. Hey @Ludwig, I've been wondering... Is your wife single?
  3. Every single day I do my best to spoil her rotten. I think she likes it.
  4. Despite my nephews' best efforts my mum's Christmas tree is still standing. Apparently my dog likes it, but not as much as the 19th century family heirloom carpet that my mum rolled out for the occasion.
  5. A little change of pace from my usual stuff... Racing around Circuit de la Sarthe. At night. In a monstrous Group 5 Kremer Porsche 935 K3. In a gaggle of Le Mans prototypes. This may well be the most epic automotive video I've ever seen (and I'm not even a Porsche guy!). If you're a petrolhead then it's an absolute must-watch. Our JG1RT members will love this.
  6. Yeah, they've been working on it for a while now. I'm really excited for it, I consider it to be the finest aircraft of WW2.
  7. OH MY GOODNESS HE'S THE CUTEST THING EVER! 13/10, would pet all day and spoil him rotten.
  8. Almost forgot, there's also a sale on... https://www.facebook.com/eagle.dynamics/posts/10164848488335341
  9. There's a MIGHTY teaser right at the end, though I'm not going to spoil it for you just yet. Why do I hear "Money" by Pink Floyd?
  10. You know what, that's not the worst idea I've heard today... Now THAT is an overstatement. Welcome aboard Slippy, looking forward to flying with you.
  11. Nowadays we do too, but back then everything ended up in a skip and went to a waste sorting plant. There are companies out there who collect your christmas tree free of charge and either turn it into green energy or replant it in a tree nursery. One time my sister and I decided to do the right thing and replant a tiny potted fir that used to be her Christmas tree in mum's back garden. Now that tree is about 6 metres tall. For once something good came out of Christmas!
  12. As a Pole, I approve of the pickle. @Lipfert, your family has fine taste in Christmas decorations. Haven't put up a tree or any lights yet, but I might come up with something by the 24th. I'm coming by mum's place this weekend, I may take some pictures there. I feel you @Heinrich. The last time I bought a real Christmas tree it spent two years on my balcony because I couldn't be bothered to carry it out for waste disposal. I live on the 4th floor, there's no lift in the building (a hearty thank you to commie architects) and the bloody thing weighed a metric tonne. It spent most of i
  13. Not quite true. It's an excellent target rifle chambered for a superior cartridge, but as a military arm it suffers from a fragile stock (the piece of wood under the receiver and magazine is very thin), a fairly weak locking system (especially compared to the Mauser), rather slow loading (Krag speedloaders weren't used by the Norwegian military) and, most damningly of all, excessive production cost.
  14. Awwww crap... I had to set some money aside for car maintenance and have to wait until the next paycheck to free up some funds for such purchases. I need the 1 TB version to replace my current 250 GB M.2 drive. The performance is spectacular (and it's fantastic value for money), but like you I'm constrained by the lack of space for new modules (right now I have something like 15 gigs of free space available with 2 modules not installed).
  15. "Vertoloty v vozdushnom boyu" ("Helicopters in aerial combat"), a 1989 instructional film for helicopter crews produced by the Soviet Ministry of Defense. Could be useful for future DCS: Mi-24 pilots. Note the R-60 launcher @5:35!
  16. I've just logged in to ED forums to find that I'd been permanently banned. After the initial shock and disbelief I Googled it and found out that there's been a major server issue on ED's part. All you need to do to fix this is log out and back in again. https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/customer-support/forum-and-site-issues/7142217-re-login-for-fix-you-have-been-permanently-banned#post7142296
  17. Every day is a good day to post a MiG-29 video.
  18. Perfect timing, I was about to sit down with a pint and enjoy the rest of the evening.
  19. This is great! Feels so weird to see to many MiGs on American soil...
  20. True, they seem to have their priorities right.
  21. Note that they omitted question 10 - "After the success of the 21, is M3 looking into doing another Redfor module, like the MiG-25, 29 or Su-17?". Cap then said in the comments they had to drop it for legal reasons... Undisclosed new Redfor modules coming?
  22. Fascinating stuff! I'll forward this to a Serbian friend of mine, who happens to be a bit of a Fishbed fan.
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