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  1. Was hoping they'd put the MiG-19 on sale, apparently it's too early though. Might pick it up regardless.
  2. And a couple of nephews to help me out.
  3. Oh yeah, I used to love them as a kid. Putting this little plane together brought back so many memories... I think I know what I'm gonna get both my nephews for Christmas. Perhaps I should get myself a set too? It's gonna be a while, need to build a tunnel first...
  4. So I paid a visit to my big sister's family today. Of course her boys (2,5 and 4) were all to happy to invite me to build some Legos. Guess what uncle Firefly built... If I ever have kids of my own, I am going to consider a steady supply of new Lego kits my absolute priority.
  5. Years ago i downloaded this recording in .wav form, never thought I'd hear it again. Thank you!
  6. Hungarian MiG-21bis operations from a grassy airstrip, 1992. I don't think I've ever seen another such video!
  7. More stuff! Greek F-4E Phantom operations. Finnish MiG-21bis cockpit tour. The differences between this export model and the aircraft we have in DCS are quite apparent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=us01NdMGVtY [embedding doesn't work on this one, sorry] An excellent walkaround of a Polish MiG-23MF, freshly restored by Grupa Archeo Łask to static display condition. And now for something entirely different - USAF testing of No Kum Sok's MiG-15. Polish Su-22s departing Kleine Brogel AB. Glori
  8. Glad you like them! I agree, those Czechoslovakian videos are something else. Wish there we had a similar official channel in Poland, but with current political climate that'd be impossible... As for road base operations, I'd love to try that! Is there a strech of motorway anywhere on Caucasus that we could use for such an exercise?
  9. Not at all, thank you for moving it there. I wasn't sure where to put it... Glad you find them interesting. Wish I could share my book collection too, alas, copyright laws...
  10. When I said days, I meant minutes... Czechoslovakian film on road base operations, 1980. MiG-23s and 29s in Czechoslovakian service. Another road base video, though this time filmed from a private VHS camcorder. Polish MiG-23MFs of the 28th Fighter Aviation Regiment, early 1990s. Here's one for the rotorheads - Czechoslovakian Mi-24D instructional video, exceptional quality. The final flight of an old warrior - Polish MiG-21 flight from Zegrze Pomorskie to Krzesiny, right before the type was
  11. Genossen, I've decided to start this thread to share some of the Cold War aircraft videos from my YouTube favourites. Hope you'll find them both educational and entertaining. Enjoy! S! Firefly. First up - glorious cockpit cam video taken from a Marinefliegergeschwader 28 (MFG-28) "Paul Wieczorek" Su-22. Includes some formation flying, sea skimming over the Baltic and target practice. This was taken mere months before the LSK/LV was disbanded, its assets taken over by the Luftwaffe. Compilation video of various MiG-21 variants in East German s
  12. I love C&Rsenal, they're the first YouTube channel I've ever supported on Patreon. They deserve every single view and like they can get! Project Lightening gave them some much-needed exposure, they can only grow from here.
  13. My pleasure. I have plenty more of this stuff hidden away in my YouTube favourites, I'd be happy to share it here.
  14. Never heard about the movie before, thanks for sharing. My first impression was "if Lalo Schifrin was East German", and that's a very good sign! This one also might be of interest. If you like prog rock, you might like this...
  15. Brilliant piece of East German music.
  16. Thank you and likewise! I will be participating in today's DCS training with the European group, looking forward to it!
  17. Hello fellow fliers! I'm looking for a mature group of people to play DCS with on a regular basis. My interests lie in Cold War-era Eastern Bloc kit as well as WW2 prop aircraft. At present the Fishbed is my go-to module, though given an opportunity I'd happily fly the Fagot on a Korean War server. I am also planning on purchasing some WW2 modules, particularly late-war Soviet props (if they ever get released that is). I may have met some of you when flying in good old IL-2 at the turn of the century. My first PC sim was Microprose Dogfights, which I played at the ripe old age of 5,
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