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  1. Great photos fella, it is an amazing day out. Yeah i was already to go this year as well so lets get those fingers crossed for 2021 😀
  2. I love ya dude but sorry she is a bit out of my price range 😂 would be cool though, i bet his wife Sonya is making him sell it 😂
  3. Agreed and i know the footage you are on about. what im really hoping is that they wanted the gif to look like that footage.
  4. yeah it certainly looks promising 😀
  5. Posted by Glowing Anraam on the forums, here is a quick clip of the new damage model. 😀 https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4321821&postcount=1082
  6. Welcome fella. I fly ACG as well in 3rd Staffel and thx for flying those bombers 😀
  7. decadent Ivans with there Yaw Trim. No such luxuries in the Luftwaffer. 😂 Nice video though.
  8. Brigg

    DCS Free!

    Excellent news.
  9. Yeah absolutely, hopefully they will have the same mindset as Heatblur rather than Razbam.
  10. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4259999&postcount=246 https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/screenshots/572/
  11. ive got to say that since buying the anton she has totally taken all my flying time, not been in the 21 or cat since. ok she isnt perfect and still has a few niggly/stupid bugs but she is well done overall. also this is the first time i have flew Normandy since Urga took over looking after it and they have done a cracking job with it. its deffo worth it whilst its on sale and tbh it brought back a bit of my faith in DCS ww2.
  12. For anyone that might not know, it it the Tomcats turn for the free trial today and tomorrow.
  13. yeah Anton bought, gonna treat myself to the F16 and F5 for my birthday in April. well that is if they dont release the Jug first 😀
  14. Yeah had a quick free flight in the 16 before bed last night and it does seem nice to fly and not stupidly complicated. You deffo could tell it was in early access though, I might pick it up as well but I've started to get back into the Tomcat at the mo.
  15. yeah 50% of the F16 is a bargain, but it will be the Anton and F5 for me i think.
  16. Yeah this is quality, a little disappointed that the F5 isnt included though.
  17. Cool. not flown it much with a human RIO apart from a couple of flights on release day, but we were to inexperienced so it didn't end well. One thing I did notice is that it was a lot more efficient than using Jester. Voice attack makes him a bit easier to manage, but of course DCS won't start with it enabled at the moment. Not used LANTIRN yet or done any ground pounding tbh.
  18. After the cold war server died when the map flipped, i went on GS (ok i know lol) and took the tomcat up for a quick fly. omg i now remember why it was a day 1 purchase and how much i had forgotten , she deffo is gonna get some more stick time. 😀
  19. i know its late but gonna jump on the cold war serer for a couple if any one wants to join me. wasnt felling to well yesterday but sod it im getting some a 21 fix before work tomorrow. im on TS 😀
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