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  1. Hi Klaiber,

    Question: Do you and others fly very much in VR?


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    2. Klaiber


      Of course, glad to help.  What is your frame rate now in DCS?

    3. Katze


      In VR steady at 40 - no up and down in the Channel Map.  Which is pretty good for my 1080.

    4. Klaiber


      That's great.  I'm about 30 or so.  And it's completely playable.

  2. Hi Guys, Coming over from the Darkside for a few tests of IL-2 aircraft and scenarios, I am quite pleased to see pretty-good VR results compared to DCS. Having a good time mixing and matching my skills against some H2H AI at the moment and slowly getting my bindings set up. Cheers, Katze
  3. Thank you Klaiber. What theatre and aircraft does JG1 employ on IL-2 Great Battles? Thanks
  4. Hi Her Klaiber. It has been awhile alright. But . . . I've been flying DCS all these years. I have IL2 as well but do not fly there as I prefer a more study-sim approach to aircraft management. Perhaps there are more options of theatres in IL2? Seems like quite a few squads enjoy it. In WWII DCS aircraft, I fly the Spit, P-47 and have just taken up the old FW-190 warhorse and BF-109. It is a pleasure to be back in the 190 cockpit with all that firepower. I do like what I see in Storm of War and watch a lot of Phil Styles vids from taken on that server via Youtube. Jets - FA-18 and F-
  5. Hi, The title says it all. What aircraft does JG1 fly in DCS - any emphasis on the warbirds or servers? Salute Catseye (2_JG1 Katze retired)
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