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New Rudder Pedals


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Well,  I wanted to get  some Virpil  pedals  but they always seem to be out of stock.   Seems to have gotten worse over the last couple of years.

Anyways,   I got a set  Turtle Beach Velocity 1  Rudder Pedals.    I had only recently heard of Turtle Beach because a coworker bought a Jstik  from them.  It seems they   kind of occupy  the Xbox  system,  or did.  These rudder pedals  are very nice.  Well built  and heavy.  I was using CH pedals.   They came with smaller type footbeds,  and some different springs.  I like the stock large beds.  They are adjustable for width,  I like the factory set width but that is an option for those wanting a change.  I am very happy with these and was actually expecting something  more like CH  flimsy  etc,  I was pleasantly surprised.   20240114_182144a.thumb.jpg.fb8cdf000bcb8b4c594001c1c4b129ad.jpg

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I was surprised at the build actually.  They used some plastic as cosmetic  covers.  The main frame is aluminum and steel.  Each pedal is supported by 2 tubular rails and what look like linear bearings.  The spring for me  is  right from factory  but they  come with different springs  and like everything else if that wasn't right you could always get something different online  tension wise.  The sensors are hall effect,  and there is no center detent  which I like.  They return to center just fine with the springs.  After not being able to get Virpil pedals,  then looking at these they may actually  be a better   constructed  style,  imo,   they don't rotate around a center/spring   but each foot slides up 2 rails  and spins the sensor in the center.   Both feet have an individual spring so you  could  actually adjust these   in some offset/tension manner if you wanted

Pic is right foot


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17 hours ago, Wittmann said:

I was using CH pedals.

One of the big problems I always had with the CH pedals was how close together they were.  It seemed a bit unnatural to keep my feet like that.

Are the Velocity 1's better with that?

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Good Question.   I have them set at the narrowest setting.  They say that =  13.77"  350 mm    Outside to outside of footbed  widest point is 15",  they adjust out  a further 100mm  or 4"  19 total.   Stock on the CH,  I have 12 1/4  outside to outside on foot beds.  So the TB narrowest  is about 3 " wider  and goes 4 more.  Adjustment  is  6 different places.  There are 2 spring loaded plates on the bottom.  Press and move out or in

The last pic   the left footbeds on both,   the center of them are lined up on the left.  As you can see,  much wider,    that is the widest they go.  At the narrowest setting they are  @ 3" wider




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I see that Win Wing is making a set of Rudders  now.  I do not see them stocked yet.   They look like a  virtual copy of the Virpil pedals,   slight cosmetic differences.   I think these Turtle Beach Velocity 1 pedals  are a hidden gem  and I'm glad I came across them.

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50 minutes ago, Wittmann said:

I think these Turtle Beach Velocity 1 pedals  are a hidden gem  and I'm glad I came across them.

Yeah, I'm glad you posted about them.

I'm not currently in the market for new pedals.  But peripherals die all the time, so it's nice to know that there are a few options out there.

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