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DCS Cursor and Discord problems

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I'm having two problems that may or may not be related to each other. Sometimes I can get Discord push to talk working when I open DCS, other times it doesn't work unless I select discord as active window. The second problem is if I am in DCS and tab out of it to open another window, the cursor will quit working if my headset is on. If I pull the headset away from my face I can move the cursor around the screen in DCS.

I am hoping I solved the second problem by following the advice here:


However, the first problem with Discord is still there after following most of these steps (I haven't done the safe mode boot yet).


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Discord has been giving me serious problems for a while.  It glitch with a gray screen for a while, which forced me to reinstall.

Once I reinstalled, I've been getting the push to talk issue as well.  Even though I've set Discord to always run as administrator.

Honestly, it must have been something in their recent updates.

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Lol, I would love to be able to needle you for using Discord for comms and say that TeamSpeak is rock solid and always works but it crashed for us just last Sunday. Wasn't just one channel that went offline either. The DangerDogs's, the 352nd, and SimHQ's channels were giving database error messages or some other message that does not come to mind at the moment.

Seems to have been on TeamSpeak's side since all of the channels are working again as of today.



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