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1.036 bugs (and workarounds)


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Hi All,


I'm sure a lot of you are already aware of the problems with the latest 1.036 patch.


I think that 1.036 was meant to remove the boarders between the field and weapon modifications, as well as make the St.Mihiel campaign available to everyone.


However, an unforeseen consequence has been that player-controlled gunners have been negatively impacted.


The Bug:


For most people, when you take over a gun turret on any aircraft, TrackIR and gun controls do not work.


Further, when you leave someone's backseat, you land up deactivating the AI gunner, making him immobile and ineffective.


Also, players seem to have the ability to kick each other out of the gunner seat by sitting on top of them.  Pilots, who were gunning for themselves, are forced into the front seat, and non-pilot gunners are forced into "superman" views.


The Temporary Workaround:


You can still control the gun with full controls.  However, going into the gun slot must be the first thing you do after starting up the game!


If you've died in FIF, and wish to gun for someone, you must exit out of the game completely, then restart the game, then join the server for a second time, and then move into the gunner seat as your first action on the server.  This *should* give you full control.


Note that once you leave the gunner seat, the aircraft's AI gunner will be disabled, as the game will still register your "ghost" as still being in the backseat.


In order for a pilot to re-establish the AI gunner, he must jump into the backseat himself, and then jump back to the pilot seat.  Waldo or Otto (the AI gunners) will then wake-up.


Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent people from sitting on top of each other, so an easy work around is to lock it.


For FIFXXI / Mission 4:


We are still live for tonight's Mission (Wednesday, 4 March 2015 @ 8:45PM EST)


However, all teams should use player-controlled gunners at their own risk.


The AI gunners are still 100% operational at spawn-in.  So if no one jumps into your backseat, you shouldn't need to go through the temporary workaround outlined above.


If anyone has any more information regarding this bug, or potentially other bugs, please post below.  


I'll keep this initial post updated with the latest information.



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Gotha was unflyable, locked pilot into gunner position, unable to defend self, or move back to pilot position.


"In order for a pilot to re-establish the AI gunner, he must jump into the backseat himself, and then jump back to the pilot seat." Locked pilot into gunner seat, I couldn't change seats.




Won't be back until 777 fixes the issue.



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I have no idea why we even tried to run this session, the game is broken. People getting booted from the Server, planes all over the sky warping, tracers looked like a 4th of July Fireworks display.


Sorry, Like NavyJake I will not participate again till 777 fixes (what is the point?)



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I agree.  Things tonight were basically unplayable.


However, after the problems with FIFXX, all the squadron commanders agreed to a no cancellation rule, with the only exception being if the server / internet completely dies.


That's why we kept flying...


Stubby and Butzzell are working to try and fix the warping issues.  The gunning issues, however, are up to 777.  Let's all hope that they fix them soon.


NJ, my apologies for leading you astray.  This bug seems to be more virulent than we thought.

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NJ, my apologies for leading you astray.  This bug seems to be more virulent than we thought.


Absolutely no need as the last time i looked you don't work for 777 and didn't program the bug.


I checked it in single player which was fine, so it must be a multi-player issue only. As the pilot not being able to move from position to position definitely works against you, I continued on as I was just able to see where I was going, poor BH_Dudley was looking straight down practicing his instrument flying...



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S! All


Several problems here.


Vonrd suggested that the new combined edition with the plane mouse controls is one of the problems. I think he is on to something. When you pick joystick in the set up, it negates mouse control of the plane. That probably affects the gunner.


Not sure why track IR freezes. 


Switch position bug is even deeper. If you do switch, it does not even put you in the proper location. That means that someone probably overwrote all the locations for all the planes when they combined weapons mods and field mods in the last patch.


There are 2 server files that 777 constantly change with EVERY update. One is the Dedicated config Dogfight and the other is the Startup config.


The dogfight file is where you set mission parameters. That will be things like padlock, aiming help, and idle kick timeout. Obviously some things were overlooked but in general it was ok last night.  The things you really worry about is turning on far icons on the map so that you can see enemy 100 km away.


The startup config file has a section on client and server traffic limit. 777 keeps setting this too low on almost every update. It needs to be checked after every update to see what they may have done. We found that the traffic limit was indeed set to low. This was the cause of all the warping.

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I'd guess that RoF is purely secondary tertiary for them with BoS as the main focus. At this point, they'll only get a tiny bit more money from the existing RoF population as we've already bought most of the available aircraft and the options to go with them. Their only stream of revenue from RoF is probably just Steam monkeys and mouse jockeys.

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