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  1. Gawd! The social pressure! Alright... in for penny, in for a pound. I've picked up the Premium Stalingrad as well. (But really looking forward to North Africa with TFS 5.0)
  2. S! I finally broke down and bought some BoX products: Standard Bodenplatte & Premium Kuban. Now I'll have to figure out how to fly & manage these damn things!
  3. I still have RoF installed. I'm up for it!
  4. Yep! Best decision at this point.
  5. Hi @BH Dutch! Very glad to see you've joined the forum! It was great to meet up with folks in Dayton in 2014. I'll have to dig up some of my photos from the airshow and the museum.
  6. S! It's been a furious tumult. I hope to be online and functional for Saturday. I want to fly in the last RoF FiF and for therapeutic reasons.
  7. No Joy Still! Same message as above. If I put in a deliberate wrong password it comes back saying: "Wrong email or password", so it must be reaching the Authorization server. If I try entering my usual password, it let's me in to the game, but still no planes available on Arras map. The planes do show on selection menu, but when I select them, they do not show on the "Your plane>>" panel - none. If I go to Multiplayer, I can join the J5 Chinese Server (it's the only FC server showing), and select and fly a DVA no problem it works!!! I'll have to post this on IL2: FC Support.
  8. Can't play with the new toys! Got the Map update download and it's seems to have installed OK, but it gives me an error upon login: "#1. No connection to authorization server." "#2. Your connection to Mater-Server was temporarily lost. Check your internet connection." My internet is just fine thank you (as you tell by this message.) I can cancel login, get to Quick Mission and load the map. I can see the correct planes, from the menu, but it won't let me pick a plane. Maybe they're updating the Authorization server? Tried a restart. Still no go! Anyone else able to get in? I just have FC, no BoX. Suggestions? ========================= Followup: Gen-Markof says his is working fine. I'll have to try deleting my Update folder and getting another download.
  9. Just noticed a minor update for BOX & FC (my underline below): August 6: " A small hotfix has been just released: it addresses the Me 262 sound issue and corrects the protection of the Flying Circus planes which was too high (their pilots and gunners should be a bit easier to kill now).
  10. Hmmm... YouTube tells me this video is unavailable.
  11. Indeed! There's a number of BH alumni here, some of whom may go back to Red Baron days. I never did fly RB, but was formerly BH_Dudley (Jasta 16b) and flew RoF with BH for many years. However, as activity at BH wound down, I loitered more and more with JG1 and only officially joined here a little over a year ago. Sad to leave BH, but JG1 is a great and lively crew -- I'm very happy here! Welcome Archie! FYI:There's still a BH forum at http://blackhazesquad.proboards.com/ but it's very quiet; last post was Sept 2018.
  12. Yes! Do join us if you can, on Monday evenings, usually just after 9pm Eastern Time (it's often about 9:30pm ET by the time we get going.) You will need the Teamspeak info for voice comms.
  13. It's completely fictional! I deny it ever happened!!!
  14. It's an adrenaline rush to have you back with us! Cool!
  15. "The Voodoo Origins of Rock'n'Roll" In this post I do not offer tunes, but merely the printed word in their praise: "That American music is rooted in Africa is a cliché, and clichés are useless. But to trace that root is a revelation." - Michael Ventura. Now I'm just a dumb-ass white boy, but sometimes... sometimes, I know quality when I hear it. Alas, we no longer have Aretha. The Queen is dead! Long Live the Queen! She will move us for generations. In that spirit, and in reverence to the root from which it sprang, may I present what I regard as a minor, but brilliant gem of journalism. (I'm a bit keen on it, as you might guess.) "Hear That Long Snake Moan" - A 32-page essay by Michael Ventura, from Shadow Dancing in the USA (Tarcher’s/St. Martin’s Press, 1985) - out of print (BTW: If your after out-of-print or hard to get books, check out www.abebooks.com - and it also comes in .ca and in .co.uk flavours) You can download the essay in PDF format here: https://kupdf.net/download/michael-ventura-hear-that-long-snake-moan_58fb80a3dc0d60e17a959e7e_pdf For a survey of its tone and some of its salient points, you can also flip through a 20-slide online PowerPoint presentation here: https://www.slideserve.com/diata/hear-that-long-snake-moan
  16. Yep, that's what I expected from ROF and IL2-1946, but the generic (all engines) commands wern't working for me. Maybe I screwed something up.
  17. When I was first setting up the engine controls in FC, I tried to use the generic controls available for all engines (such as throttle mixture and radiator), but these didn't seem to work. However, I did have success mapping the the controls specifically for Engine 1.
  18. I think seeded means it allows your computer system to "seed" (like torrent?) other users when they download the game.
  19. Bought FC with the extra ROF discount and have been stumbling through the BOS settings and menus. It's getting there and did a successful take-off, circuit and landing in the DR1.
  20. S! Hotlead, It's been a pleasure to fly with you and you've been a great inspiration to the group. Games can teach us many things that translate into real life and I'm sure you'll always do well with whatever is in your sites. I'm glad it's a positive thing that pulls you away for growth and change. Keep your powder (and your PC) dry.
  21. Hi, I came across this group and it looks to have a lot of interesting photos and some videos. Airplanes and Aces of World War 1 https://www.facebook.com/groups/134585496559585/about/ When you open the link, from the left-hand menu, click Discussion. Dudley
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