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Pfalz D.IIIa Pilot Looking to Fly With Group


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I have been developing my skills with the Pfalz D.IIIa fighter and have become fairly adept at flying against computer generated Aliied "Veteran" pilots.  I am interested in now flying online with a German side of ROF.


I would be interested in joining your group.  Could someone contact me about this.


Thank you...

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Welcome BlackFalcon! JG1_Klaiber is the commander and I'm sure he will e-mail you as soon as he sees your post. We're all pretty well versed in the Pfalz D.IIIa and would be happy to fly with you. Please tell us a bit more about yourself... see the Recruitment post here:







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Like Vonrd said, feel free to fill out the recruitment papers and Klaiber should get around to ya. ;) I think I can speak for all of JG1 when I say we're always glad to have new recruits. Welcome! :)


The Pfalz D.IIIa used to be my favorite plane in ROF prior to the patch. I might have to take her outta the mothballs and go for a spin again. I still think it is one of the coolest-looking birds in the game. :D

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Hi Black Falcon,


Sorry for the delayed response to your post.  I was away for the weekend, and am only now catching up on the boards.


As Vonrd and Hotlead mentioned, it would be great if you could fill out the recruitment questions found here:




If you didn't want to post them on the forums, feel free to PM them to me.


Once I have them, I'll then drop you and email and start the whole process going.


Thanks in advance!

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Again, thank you for welcoming me to your squadron...


At the request of the Squadron Commander I am providing the information requested below...


  • What is your Timezone?

          Eastern Standard Time (EST) - USA


  • Do you have a joystick or HOTAS?

          I use a joystick...


  • Do you have TeamSpeak installed, as well as a working microphone?

          I use a headset with an attached microphone.

  • Do you have TrackIR, or a FreeTrack system for view control?

          To be honest, I don't know what these are so my answer would have to be "no".

  • What sims are you currently flying?

          I have been a long standing fan of flight-sims.  I played the Original Dynamix "Red Baron" until the bytes fell out of the hard-drive.

          I also played the other Dynamix flight-sims prefering the Pacific Air War to that of the European one (Favorite WWII plane has always been the P-40 Warhawk). 

          I eventually got copies of IL2-Sturmovik and played that one on and off for a while until I found ROF, which I have been playing for a while but increasingly more

          now as I am concentrating on the German aircraft and have been specifically practicing with the Pfalz DIII with which I am getting fairly

          good.  So far, I can hold my own with six planes on my side and around 12 to 15 veterans on the Allied side.  Currently, I changed all of the

          Allied planes from standard fighters to Sopwith 2-seat Strutters, which really lights up the sky.  Its like a hornets' nest so I am getting bloodied

          but still knocking the ones I go after out of the sky.

  • How did you hear about JG1?

          I signed into the multi-player part of my account and found this site on the server listing.


  • Is there anything else that you'd like us to know?

          I am a professionl software engineer with too many years to count in the profession as well as a military historian by avocation.  I began studying WWI combat aviation

          when I was 11 years of age and by the time I was 16 knew every major facet about it including aerial combat tactics.  To this day, WWI aviation has always been

          a deep interest of mine.


          I begun playing primarily the German side of things after completing my reading of David Hoggen's extensive diplomatic history of the beginnings of WWII, which provides a completely

          different take on the German part in this conflict.  So far, I have found more corroborative evidence of Hoggan's thesis than anytingb to directly refute it.  I also have Udo Walendy's similar

          history, which is now in my hopper to read.  And like other histories it too corroborates some of what Hoggan has written about.  Unfortunately, most people, especially in the States have

          no interest in unearthing such histories since the mythologies sound better.


          Now knowing that Austria and Germany were not responsible for WWI (Germany was actually the last aggressor nation to enter the war and Kaiser Wilhelm was trying to stop it from

          becoming an international conflict. Austria's moves after the assasination did not light the fire of international conflict but in fact was initiated by the eventual Russian mobilization.) and has

          quite a bit of documentation defending its policies prior to the second conflict, I have developed a historical sympathy for the German nation.


          Might as well fly to defend them...

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Hoggen's "The Forced War" is what I believe BlackFalcon is referring to and it's available from the internet archive at the following link.  I'm to believe that this isn't piracy due to the nature of the website, it seems the copyrights are in order.  I'll definitely read this on my upcoming extended "vacation."



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"The Forced War" is a very tough but fascinating read.  It is on the level of Krenshaw's, "Fall of The House of Habsburg", another excellent definitive study.


Hoggan's book has been indirectly corroborated by other historians such as Taylor, Walendy, Buchannan, and others (Buchannan is actually a political commentator but his book, "The Unnecessary War",  was well received by historians).


People who have read both the English and the original German versions of Hoggan's thesis have found the German publication to be far superior.  The Instituite for Historical Review (I know how much this organization is reviled by certain communities but they do have some really good information in their articles.) has informed me that a brand new English version is in the works, which should make up for the failings in the first one.

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