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CH Products and Star Citizen


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I also found this joystick mapper, which I installed.




It looks awesome, and is supposed to work.  But still no dice yet.


I'll try following the instructions that Morph gives.  Combining the devices seems like the way to go.


Crossing my fingers. :D

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Here are two from Reddit that show a similar frustration to that which you are suffering.  It seems the CH Manager is making things worse for these guys (both about a year ago).




This one actually had issues with SJCBinder:


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I'm surprised that this is an issue.  Especially considering how prevalent CH products are.

Unfortunately it would appear that their prevalent products are also becoming obsolete, poorly supported - it would appear do be all but abandoned under the ownership of APEM - in Windows 10, causing suffering among the many. Their website doesn't appear to be aware of Windows 10's existence. 

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I love CH, but only because I use it no further than RoF.  Obviously it's more cheaply made than a Warthog, and uses potentiometers too, which are obsolete considering everybody else uses Hall Effect sensors now.  I've always found the CH Control Manager to do everything and beyond what I want to do in RoF.  It's a shame if it doesn't interface well with more modern games, but it's bound to happen sometime.  I remember when my beloved Sidewinder 2's software was useless for RB3D.


Unfortunately the original CH company is long gone, and the name bought by some Chinese company that does absolutely nothing to upgrade the products, and has no interest in furthering them.  Still I'm thankful that I can still buy a replacement for something I bought a decade ago, if needed.


If I had to switch from what I have I'd go with the TM Warthog, because the physical configuration is (almost) exactly the same as the CH Products version.  The only reason I've held off is because I've heard that the physical movement of the Warthog is much stiffer or heavy than the CH Products, and also, since I've repaired and soldered all connections inside my stick, I've had zero problems (not to say I won't ever).  I'm just holding off until it's a problem for me.


Hope you guys solve whatever problems you're having.  S!

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I know you guys are trying to sell me on a new HOTAS, but I've had no problems with CH at all.  Star Citizen is the very first time.  From DCS World to ROF to CLoD, and beyond.  The CH stuff I have has always worked exactly as I needed it to.  And I've always found the control manager to be robust.


The only thing I've ever had to replace was the Pro Pedals. But, after 15 years of stepping on them, they lasted far longer than I expected them to.


Maybe in 2017, I'll check out the Warthog stick, throttle and T.Flight Rudder Pedals. :)

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I'm on my third set of pro-pedals.  Everything else (Fighter Stick, Pro Throttle, Throttle Quadrant and Multi Function Panel) have been  bullet proof.  The control manager software does everything I need it to do.  My PC is dedicated strictly to RoF.


I do have a TM T.16000M for use with my laptop when I'm on the road.  The laptop isn't getting much use aside from crashing RC helicopters with Phoenix RC.  I'm considering getting a space flight sim, but nothing's struck my fancy.  I'm interested in the mechanics of flying space ships and exploration.  The current space sim crop seems focused mainly on combat and piracy.  Anyone have a suggestion?

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Star Citizen does have that focus right now but it's supposed to be a sandbox so if exploring is your goal, you can do it. The idea is you can do whatever suits your fancy. My last sandbox MMO had guys that did nothing but craft things for other players and took great pride in doing so. I plan on doing Combat Search and Rescue along with exploration. You just have to find a way to avoid the pirates and combat ;)


Klaiber, okay, okay. I'll give you slack on a new stick until 2017.:P

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