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Assetto Corsa FREE Racing Weekly Series


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This was my 5th online race and the 3rd on this weekly series on Assetto Corsa which is different than iRacing because it is FREE....   no charge is good ! Any of you interested in getting back in a race car and don't want to have t buy the store each week, this is a great way to go. The racing is getting better FAST...  and I think it will rival iRacing very soon.  That group has more drivers because it has been around longer, but the number of people signing up on AC... and the fact that you get pick up a race almost any time at no charge is tough to beat.


Shaun Cole of SIMPIT is hosting a weekly race series that is using the Porsche Carrera RSR 3.0 and this is week 3.  Jake (aka Snaggle) and I have been racing this one and we thought we would put up a video here for you so see the quality of the graphics and racing. Shaun is the host and he will try for about 10 laps to catch a yellow #17 Porsche in front of him while talking and answering questions during the race... he gets quiet when it gets close...  Guess who is driving the Yellow #17 car???  yeah... that would be me. I ended up 7th and he took 8th.


Have a look, hope you enjoy it.... LOTS of fun...  and you can't beat the price.




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Graphics do look very good. The shadows flashing across the windshield were impressive.

Luft for a game that came out in 2013 - 2014 the graphic are IMO better than Codemasters F1 2016 I don't have F1 2017 so I can't say, but base on the youtube videos yes love the graphics...

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graphics are nice, but when do you have the time to really notice them?  I guess when you are watching the replay....  I am really impressed with Assetto Corsa.... there are many many more tracks and cars than in iRacing... and the only thing that iRacing has going for it is..... online racing. Now that AC has ramped up the online racing into an easy format.... well... it will be product loyalty from here on out... IMHO.   Piper vs Cessna, Ford vs Chevy.... it is what you like but the one argument that cannot be ignored is cost.


Once you have purchased the game, there is really no reason to spend any more money. I have seen a whopping ONE (1) race in the last month that would have required me to buy a mod car... a hypothetical F-1 Ferrari..... and of course...  no one gets anything Ferrari without $$ involved. The question is...  why bother? I own the "Porsche Pack" and I have bought a couple of old GT car sets, total investment about $40.00 for 4 sets. I have over 100 cars to chose from and I don't know how many tracks... so many that I have not even driven at least 1/3rd of them.... I would guess 30+  That is just what I have downloaded... didn't pay a penny for ANY of those and there are many many more....  but why bother when I have not even driven all those I have now... much less been able to learn them to produce a decent lap time.

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We have the ovals and Indy cars, modem as well as 90's for a couple of bucks.


F1 67 to somewhat modern with a lot of the tracks. We ran a race 2 weeks ago at SPA as part of the Porsche series, takes a long time to get around that track in a Porsche Carrera RSR 3.0, but what a challenge for some of us, "me" but a blast. Last week was Road America, this week Nordschleife GP and Barcelona GP in a couple more.


I also discovered a place called Just Race, where you can host your own race, get your friends together and go for bragging rights, the race is hosted on a third party server... All this is for free and I have to still go to work instead of race, saw a T-shirt the other day, said something like Race, eat, sleep, repeat.... Got to have time for RoF and CLOD tooo... :D

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