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Application - Wilhelm Reinhard


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First, to those of you who remember me from RB3D days, I sincerely apologize for the way I disappeared without proper goodbyes and an orderly transfer of duties. At the risk of TMI, I owe you an explanation: I got depressed. It seemed like it happened overnight, but in hindsight, it was a long time coming. When my computer crashed, I didn’t even bother trying to fix it. I stopped caring about much of anything. It took months to climb up out of that hole (okay, years, actually LOL). By then, I was too embarrassed to try to salvage my relationships with JG1 friends. That is just cowardly, though; so here I am, saying I’m sorry, and I miss you guys! If any of you feel that you deserve an individual apology, let me know, I will give it to you.


Now, if that isn’t all strange enough (for those of you who don’t know me), here’s the really strange part: I don’t have my new rig set up (Digital Storm computer, Warthog HOTAS stick and throttle, MFG pedals), and won’t for a couple of months; and I’ve never flown RoF (current old laptop can’t handle it, or any modern sim). In fact, I haven’t done any simming since RB.




I still want to find out if I would be considered for membership in JG1 – RoF. I flaked out on you guys and want to know if I can be forgiven for that. I need something to look forward to. I’m now temporarily(?) retired so I can be with my dad full time to take care of him, as he can’t do much for himself anymore, but living in a “facility†would be torture for him (some of you might even remember him, too: JG1_Schmerz). It’s weird not having a regular job, and spending all my time with one old guy (okay, I’m old, too; but he’s r-e-a-l-l-y old :-D). I’m going stir crazy :-P, and no hobby except actual flying (can’t do that right now) has ever been more fun for me than being a member of JG1. So, I hope you’ll consider me for a “provisional†membership in JG1, i.e., provisional in the sense that I need to get all set up and competent enough in RoF to be a reliable wingman before being considered a full member. If any current member objects, I’ll withdraw my application; I don’t want to cause any trouble within JG1.


Hope it’s not too much to ask, but, if accepted, I’d like to use my former JG1 nom de guerre, Wilhelm Reinhard, in honor of that JG1 flieger, although I have no ambition to be rittmeister again; didn’t want to be in the first place LOL. As I recall, everyone else who had both the time and willingness to do the administrative work required by the job was already performing important functions for the geschwader.


Direct answers to the questions in the application guide:

Time zone: Pacific                                                                                                                                

HOTAS: yes

TeamSpeak: will try to install after posting this (Microphone: yes)

TrackIR: not yet, planning on it; need to experience and understand the native view system first

Current sims: none


Thanks for your consideration, and





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Salute! Our Commander should be along to formally get the application process started. In the meantime, check out this article on setting up Teamspeak:



Hopefully should help get you up and running. ;) 


Welcome back! :)

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Hi Wilhelm, 


It's great to hear from you again!  I'm not sure if you remember me, but I flew under you in Jasta 6, circa 2000.  I was also one of the people who moved on to create II./JG 1.


As Butzzell says, you are more than welcome here.  And you have nothing to apologize for.


I'll drop you an email today, just to send you the current Dicta.


But as Butzzell says, there isn't any need for a membership review.  We'll get you squared away in no time!


Welcome back!

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Thanks for the welcome back, everyone! It warms my heart and really gives me a boost! There's so much to do around the house and property in preparation for winter, but now I'm really motivated to get it done and get my rig set up. It's embarrassing to have had this expensive gear sitting around for months, but instead of organizing a space and modifying furniture for it *, I watch RoF videos on youtube LOL.


Hotlead: thanks for the excellent TeamSpeak guide, super helpful!


Klaiber, I do indeed remember you, and I'm so grateful and impressed with your contributions to the continued thriving of JG1!


Fritz, really, really glad you are still with JG1 and doing RoF. Had so much fun with you in RB3D, and your server and your help with the endless tweaking and testing of the flight and damage models was absolutely invaluable. We really couldn't have done it without you. There was no better flying mate in FiF, and no more skillful adversary during practice and fun flights.


Gen: thank you, looking forward to flying with you!




* If you're curious: I need to build a platform and modify a desk so I can fly and use rudder pedals while sitting in a tall laboratory chair at a "standing" desk, because I need to alternate between standing and sitting pretty often. If you're wondering how that's going to work, I'll post pictures when it's done. Not that hard to arrange; the real challenge will be exhuming the table saw and other tools in the garage :-)

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