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  1. For the numbering system, because Klaiber and Brit are head of the Geschwader, they would be Regiment commanders, Numbers R01, R02 respectively. Moxy and Vonrd, being the head of 2nd Group, would be 2nd Battalion Commanders, II01, II02 (roman numeral 2). Staffel Commanders are Kompanie Commanders, Lipfert and myself 500 and 600, our XOs 501, and 601.
  2. I would suggest NOT using the "S" in the number. The only reference I can find of Panzers using the "S" was a SS unit. Use the "R", which is what they used for Regiment leaders, or a roman numeral I for 1st Battalion, II for 2nd Battalion.
  3. Is there a 3rd party making a 210? I'm really hoping my Carnado planes, and Ifly & PMDG 737s transfer.
  4. I have not pre-ordered, but I'll be buying next week. I have a new Air Hauler 2 Company set up, based out of KMKE, and ready for the new sim. Bonanza to start, hauling cargo. Then I'll reconfigure the Bonanza for passengers, pick up a Baron to go with it, and a Caravan for cargo.
  5. Regarding the Panzer M, you need to use the correct tactics. If you try to slug it out face-to-face, you're going to lose against T-34s and KV-1s. A platoon to PZIII-Is and PZIII-Ms can give an entire T-34 platoon a nightmare if you attack correctly.
  6. Well that plane has seen better days. Before I read the quote, I was going to say it looked like he taxied over a bomb or something
  7. When you have time, just PM me, I can throw up the training map.

  8. Congrats Hotlead may your bachelorhood rest in piece.
  9. The mission that you're advertising, is Buttzell going to fix it so it actually works?

    1. =GenMarkof007=


      S! Kliegmann,

      At this time, I don't know the answer, but I think that he might need to check it, to see if all is good for the JG1 Server.
      I got the mission files this morning from SCG_Neun... and he seem to be very confident that the missions file work perfectly!

      We will see!


  10. The PO2 can be a handful if you are full fuel and carrying a bomb load
  11. I have this game as well, its really fun
  12. Nothing is listed for WWI
  13. Will need to test if I have to open :6002, or if my modem has it open by default?????
  14. I just finished setting up the server end, and tried it in my server. Some things that you really need, hot keys for channel changing, and finding a place for the radio overlay (I minimized mine all the way down, and placed it in the canopy rails on a 109 to keep it out of my view). There's 5 channels dedicated to red and blue, 10 channels total. No freqs for obvious reasons (as of yet anyways)
  15. Already have the IL2 SRS downloaded. Funny, just a couple weeks ago, I was discussing this very thing
  16. I have been wondering if the walking back of the aircraft rendering code has something to do with possibly finding a problem somewhere that they just have not said anything about. Until the "hotfixes" we all had improved visibility and rendering in vanilla, then after the hotfixes, things went back to the way it was. Or possibly, they tried an experiment with rendering code, to "see what would happen", then walked the code back cause it wasn't actually finished yet????? Maybe it was meant for a beta test, and the code was accidentally left in on the public patch.
  17. Perhaps I should have written this earlier. If youre looking at getting into WWII, and youre limited to one or 2 modules, I would suggest above all Stalingrad. The reason I say this is the aircraft in Stalingrad have crossovers from the earlier Moscow into the Stalingrad. Namely, for our Squadron and tourneys, the 109 F4, Ju-87 (which actually has 1941 -1943 versions available) and the He111 H6. This one module can carry a pilot through the first 2 tourney campaigns, and possibly into a third.
  18. Seems 1C is having another sale. 10%-75% off of collector and battle of modules.
  19. Here's my reshade and game settings. I run a GTX 1060 3gb on a 24" 1080p monitor.
  20. Welcome. Our Commander will be along shortly.
  21. The injector ban is already going full force, several servers have already implemented it. You play with vanilla game or you dont play.
  22. They're having a mega sale, and the free game is GTA V
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