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Consolidated Download Links [OUT OF DATE]

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Altered the link to the consolidated Vonrd skins on the original post to the following: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/c844525rxd5zvcm/AABE1WfzYD2M5r6Cgcf9RqOqa?dl=0

Vonrd has gone through great lengths to update the skin database on recent roster changes.  

On 7/6/2019 at 11:38 PM, Vonrd said:

I've finished the changes due to personnel transfers and have eliminated many skins (sorry Hess, I couldn't easily re-do your skins without your individual template. I did try to be faithful to your own personal skins and was able to keep some of the others that worked but re-named them to make all the filenames similar).

I left the Fw190D9 and Me262 as 4K skins to see if anyone thinks it's worth the 4 times larger file size.

I did only Fighters and Attackers (Bf110s, Ju87 and Hs129). I didn't bother with re-doing the bombers and Ju52.

To be safe (since I may have slightly altered some of the file names... TBH I don't know which ones)... PLEASE DELETE ALL JG1 SKINS IN FIGHTER AND ATTACKER FOLDERS before installing these (except, of course Baron's and any others that you might want to keep).

Here's the link:



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