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Ted's Tittling Trans Am Tale


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Hey everybody! I managed to cobble together some footage from working corners at Brainered International Raceway a few weeks ago!

I hope it can potentially be enjoyable so you guys can get a bit of a "Behind the scenes" from real life racing things. I was only working flags on this one, but I may be doing more events both volunteering and driving as we come into the Fall! 



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Thanks for posting this, that enjoyable to watch. Nice to see that classic SCCA mix of Miatas, Civics and BMWs. It's not that different from a typical Yuropeen trackday.

31 minutes ago, Ludwig said:

Nice seeing the Z-car in the still shot.  

Many moons ago my dad and I bought a 240Z with the intention of turning it into a historic rally car. Unfortunately life got in the way and after a few years (and well into the rebuild process - rollcage, bucket seats, stiff suspension, orange paint and all) we had to sell it. That was my first true love on four wheels. I even remember her serial number - HLS30-52689. I miss her so much... 

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Couldn't agree more. I'm a 90s kid, so of the RX-7s the FD would be my first choice as a weekend racer, but I'd happily drive around in an FC Turbo II. Pop-up headlights and rotaries make everything better (except when you're left collecting bits of apex seals from the rear muffler, but that's a minor inconvenience). 

On another note, your avatar looks a lot like Niki Lauda's lid from the mid 80s, except with reversed colours and reoriented stripes. You have fine taste in helmets. ;)

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Thanks! I've always run plain white helmets and White/Red cars for many years! So it's a call back to when my and my father were running Karts and Legends cars growing up - now that I'm older and my family doesn't support me - I can't repaint/wrap them due to cost, and since I haven't raced in so long it's become extremely low priority; but the helmet helps carry on the theme. 

I wanted something "Retro simplistic" and immediately recognizable! I'm hoping to get white gloves to match the next time my current set expires, as well :) 

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