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Anyone play HOI IV?


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3 minutes ago, Razwald said:

I've casually played HOI 4 but never really got hooked on it. I have a bunch of hours in Stellaris though. I have debated on picking up Crusader Kings 3.

My best friend, who was once an avid CK2 player, says CK3 is one of the best games he's ever played. 

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I played HOI 1 and 2 with my friends back in the day and really enjoyed them, but HOI4 is DLC hell, even for a Paradox Game.  I can't remember what, but there is a feature in one of the DLCs that should've been part of the original game, or at least a free update, and that turned me off entirely. 

I loved CK2 a lot (I even played CK1, that was kinda rough), but after they expanded the map, especially India with even more polygamists, a top tier PC can't run it into a late game due to all the extra characters being born.  I wrote a mod for adding character capture mechanics for siege victories that got incorporated into the original AGoT mod, albeit changed so that some iconic families wouldn't be put to the sword. 😁 

I hear CK3 is more streamlined than CK2, has anybody played a game lasting more than 200 years without Fast Speed slowing to a crawl at some point?  Does it use multi-core processors better than 2?

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HoI4 is also a pain in that regard, when you put the game at speed 5 it feels like speed 3 at game start. The deluge of DLCs is why I've put off purchasing more Paradox titles - IMHO grabbing them in a bundle or a large sale is the way to go. 

CK3 runs on an improved version of the Clausewitz engine with integrated DirectX 11 support. Not sure if that improves multi-core use or not, but from what I've been told the new games feel quite smooth. 

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