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Wright Pat AFB Museum luvs MiGs too!


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I live 2hrs from the Wright Patterson AFB museum so make it a habit to go every year. Last year due to covid restrictions I didnt go. For years they have had a MiG-15 & 17, you can imagine my surprise & delight when I went today & saw they added a 19, 21, 23 & 29! (the latter they have had a few years but it was not on display as it was being restored). 

This was my 1st time seeing a MiG-29 in person so it kinda made my day! 





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The race track I was at two weekends ago in Topeka is across the street from the National Guard air base and the aviation museum, and I really hate that I couldn't make any time to go with everything going on. :(

I genuinely think the MiG-29 and 21 are some of my favorite aircraft ever, aesthetically. Man those look *mean*! 

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I got my copy of IPMS magazine yesterday and it has one of the presidents of the society standing in front of the MiG 23 above and the photographer was standing within about 6" of where the picture was taken. I thought... wow... I just saw this... but there was a guy standing there... and went back to the magazine and sure enough... seems everytime I look on this forum I see something coincidental that way. 

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On 6/2/2021 at 7:01 PM, Labroisse said:

The wife and I went to the AF museum a couple of years ago.  Really really awesome.  I could have spent a week in there but would have been single by the time I left.

"I" go every year with my kids. My wife has been once! She was pretty perturbed by the time I let her leave LOL 

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