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No more TS for me (while flying)


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For an unknown reason TS conflicts with my settings. This results for the view part in stutters and lagging and the voice in&out becomes very garbled.

The problem is the same for DCS and IL-2. The problem started after the reset of TS, but no clue if there is a causal connection, and yes, I have all the latest versions.

When using Discord for the comms, I have no problems at all (flight related 😜)

Just to let you know and because maybe there is someone out there with the same problem.

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~S~ Heinrich!

Audio/Visual "studder's"  can be caused by tooo much processing bandwidth. (audio uses a lot, and if your on, on-board audio, its all running through your box)

As an experiment...in TeamSpeak, change the "Codec" . Or also you could try to "Dumb Down" the audio sampling rate in windows.


  1. Edit the Channel. Right click on the channel you want to edit and select "Edit Channel".
  2. Audio Settings. Click the "Audio" tab to open the audio settings for the channel.
  3. Selecting the new Codec. ...
  4. Save the Settings.

Windows: Sound/playback/"what your using"/"right click"/ Properties/Advanced/ (16bit is fine for TS)

Might work, maybe!



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On 9/20/2021 at 3:00 AM, Moxy said:

Might work, maybe!

😭, tried your suggestions in TS and Windows. Windows from 24 bit to 16 bit. TS codec in the GB-channel from 10 to 4.

Solo of course no problem, tried it later with Loopy and it was bad as we started talking even before T/O.

Next, I will do a complete clean reinstall of TS.  To be continued .......

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