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  1. No. Only the ones I've identified above will work. So, in your original example, you could create a de_names.dat file full of Vietnamese names, modify the [DE] section in the cities file with Vietnamese city names. Additionally, you could modify the messages.dcg file to replace "German" with "Vietnamese". But you can't add new nationalities. Those are hard-coded in DCG.
  2. Initially all of the nations had their names embedded in the exe, however, over the years a few have been opened up so players can create their own player lists in a text file. To work, just create a file called XX_names.dat where "XX" is the nation ID from the game. For example, German is "de" and Russian is "ru". Then in the file just drop first and last names in a list. For example: Albert Einstein Jerry Seinfeld Peter Rabbit It doesn't matter what first name you attach to a last name as DCG will just randomly select a first name and a second name and join them, but you'll probably need a minimum of 50 to avoid DCG getting in a loop trying to find a unique name for everyone. The current nationalities you can use are: DE, RU, RO, IT, FR, US, DU. You can also edit the "cities.dat" file so that the pilots' city of birth matches.
  3. Interesting thought, but it'd require more time than the next build to implement as the next build is pretty much ready right now. In all seriousness, it'd all take me some extra time to get familiar with one or two of the mods out there to see the file formats before I could even begin to do that.
  4. Hi Sharkzz, The issue with DCG not working with 4.14m was solved with the 4.14.1 hotfix. See Sita's post here: And unlike Asura's modified DGEN, you don't have to modify the conf file. DCG replacing DGEN behaves as it always did.
  5. Which side is listed as controlling it (on the Ground war panel)? And how close is it to the front? If it's too close, it won't be available.
  6. You need to add the static runway to the Berlin.mis file in the Master folder near the location that you set it in the roads file. Then it should work (when you generate the campaign from the start). If you add it to a mission that you are already playing, you need to put it in the stationary.dcg file in the campaign folder.
  7. Why would you need a specific landing waypoint for a static object that's different from the one automatically generated by DCG? For example, in the Normandy'44 campaign, if you use the "English Base" option, it has a Ship$RwyTransp runway called "English_Airstrip". The planes will land on it as per normal. I just generated this example: [B_8AF_100BG_349BS00] Planes 4 Skill0 0 Skill1 1 Skill2 1 Skill3 0 NoseArt0 Victory.bmp NoseArt1 Boxer_Roo.bmp NoseArt2 Special_Delivery.bmp NoseArt3 Queen_Of_Hearts.bmp pilot0 us_14.bmp pilot1 us_11.bmp pilot2 us_02.bmp pilot3 us_04.bmp Class air.B_25J1 Fuel 100 weapons 6x500lbs [B_8AF_100BG_349BS00_Way] TAKEOFF 71575.98 98167.24 0 0 666_Static 0 &0 F7 NORMFLY 73514.00 96386.00 2500.0 370.00 &0 F7 NORMFLY 67654.00 102404.00 2500.0 370.00 &0 F7 NORMFLY 71696.00 98918.00 2500.0 370.00 &0 F7 NORMFLY 83538.00 87633.00 1500.0 370.00 &0 F7 NORMFLY 87169.00 78267.00 1500.0 370.00 &0 F7 NORMFLY 83000.00 61101.00 1000.0 370.00 &0 F7 GATTACK 75500.00 61100.00 500.0 370.00 22_Chief 1 &0 F7 NORMFLY 69119.00 75266.00 1500.0 370.00 &0 F7 NORMFLY 70537.00 81633.00 1500.0 370.00 &0 F7 NORMFLY 74956.00 93800.00 1500.0 370.00 &0 F7 LANDING 71575.98 98167.24 0 0 666_Static 0 &0 F7
  8. The customization of the column's individual vehicles is only for when they are "deployed" for combat (in other words, converted to static objects). When they are acting as mobile columns, they'll appear as per the game. This little feature was added initially for multiplayer dogfight mode (where there were no mobile columns, only static objects) and then expanded for campaign mode so that each side could have mobile artillery (so a campaign designer wouldn't have to add static artillery to each and every location). For example: [GermanyCarsColumnC] Default/Artillery artillery.Artillery$Armor.4-PzIIF stationary.Stationary$OpelKadett artillery.Artillery$SdKfz251 artillery.Artillery$Howitzer_150mm artillery.Artillery$Howitzer_150mm artillery.Artillery$SdKfz251 artillery.Artillery$OpelBlitzMaultierAA When this column is static, two of the vehicles "convert" into 150mm Howitzers which are trained on the enemy's nearest position.
  9. If there are no wagon8 objects available for the Allieds, they should always be fully supplied.... (And the same is true for the Axis.)
  10. Columns are now defined in carscolumn.dcg so you can make them whatever you want.
  11. The buildings.dcg file stores only objects added through by way of the master mission file in the [Buildings] section. For example: [Buildings] 0_bld House$AirdromeBarrelBlock1 1 639531.39 80080.20 430.00 1_bld House$FurnitureSandbags_Round 1 639698.12 79830.95 520.00 2_bld House$FurnitureSandbags_Round 1 639694.39 79807.98 610.00 3_bld House$FurnitureSandbags_Round 1 639904.08 80017.22 610.00 4_bld House$FurnitureSandbags_Round 1 655269.54 113364.89 675.00
  12. I suppose they aren't really relevant anymore since most people are probably using the "1946" version. I should just remove those. Thanks!
  13. Not a problem with the squadids.dcg file. It has to do with ships in some of the Crimea/Kuban campaigns. Get the latest beta for the fix (or edit out the ships).
  14. Build #5 is now available. It fixes an issue with some campaigns in which there are no patrol routes and either no transports exist or the transports are listed after any escorts. For example, the Crimea '41 campaign (and a few other Russian campaigns in the South). Edit: Removed attachment.
  15. Thank you for your enthusiasm for DCG. As for your problem, I will have a look. It's been awhile since I tried generating anything with a Romanian squadron.
  16. Then it's strange that the buildings did not remain destroyed in the following mission.
  17. I see a bad name in your file. "Water _Tower" has a space between the "r" and the underscore.
  18. Which game mode are you playing in?
  19. The game in campaign mode will track destroyed buildings when those buildings are original to the map design. If a DCG designer adds buildings to their campaign (as I sometimes do), these are not tracked. As far as I know, there's no note in the log when these are destroyed so they can't be tracked by DCG.
  20. Allied units should spawn in German factories so it's probably not that. _Factory can be in the middle or at the end of the name and it will work.
  21. If you used the word "Factory" in the name of the location, new units will spawn there for the side controlling the location. Could this be what happened?
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