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  1. I've just got an old $20-ish Logitech headset, 1/8" connectors rather than USB (looks like the 120 model, here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Logitech-980447-0914-PC-Headset-120/dp/B000FKNZR0) and it's great. Really good sound, and I gather from others that my voice is clear on the mic, so unless you're a real audiophile and want to spend more money, that's all you need! I always use push-to-talk rather than voice activation, and given the amount of extraneous noise which sometimes plagues our comms, I urge everyone to do the same. S! Maus
  2. Pilots may be interested in this approach plate, if you haven't already seen it! It looks like it's a couple of years old, so be sure to update if you're planning a flight ... S! Maus
  3. The Channel map is one of the items on sale -- with the 60% off, the sale price for the map is only $3.59!
  4. A memorable scene in 'The Battle of Britain' (Galland served as an advisor on the film, and the character of 'Falke' is based on him):
  5. Thank you so much! It was sad to end such a streak, but the award goes some way to alleviate the disappointment ... and now I can finally get my six wounds attended to ... S! Maus
  6. Very well deserved! Thanks for your untiring work towards getting GS back up & running. S! Maus
  7. Saw this today and thought it might be of interest: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02t7dmz More information about the project here: http://www.globalaviationresource.com/v2/2015/02/09/aviation-feature-apss-sopwith-1-12-strutter-project/ Apparently they're getting close to completion! S! Maus
  8. I've got the WWI game -- it's good fun! I'm showing my age, but the mechanics remind me a bit of the old 'Ace of Aces' picture-book games where in each turn, you and your opponent would each choose a manoeuvre, read off page numbers to each other, and then turn to those pages to give a new cockpit view of the situation: http://maverick.brainiac.com/aoa/aoa1.html. (There was no board, but there was a kind of hex-grid implied underneath this system.) S! Maus
  9. Must have been quite an experience for Ms Lofthouse! http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02qt65y
  10. I'm in favour of adding a second more European-friendly time, but I realize that some of the possible problems involved therewith have been pointed out by others above, and in the Teamspeak discussion we had a while ago another point was raised: if it's part of the same FiF tournament, that introduces the possibility that, depending on squad allocations and availability of pilots, one of the two times might be OK for balance, while the other ends up noticeably unbalanced. I don't know how this could be prevented with certainty unless the two events are run as separate but parallel tournaments
  11. As it was memorably put in 'Cabin Pressure' (a BBC radio aviation-related comedy): 'A good landing is one you can walk away from. A *great* landing is one where they can re-use the plane.'
  12. Looks like a balanced mix of many of the FM tweaks that pilots on both sides have been asking for. And they even fixed something in Career mode!
  13. I'm in favour of the proposed changes too, and happy to continue FiFXX in January, if that's the consensus. The important thing, as Klaiber says, is not to lose sight of the ultimate goal of maintaining and continuing to improve a great tournament! S! Maus
  14. Yes, it was a puzzling way to go about it, but I think it had something to do with the Russian historical society that was sponsoring the new game -- I guess they thought it would be better PR for them to have their name attached to a new game rather than an expansion to an existing one. In any case, I'm glad 777 have seen the light and are doing it the right way now!
  15. I don't think pre-orders (or new planes just after release) are discounted in sales, are they? I suspect they'll have a sale when the Muromets is released but it won't be discounted at that point ... to get it for less than the pre-order price may mean waiting until the sale after next ... S! Maus
  16. A friend of mine recently went to the aviation museum in Ottawa and discovered their free 'Ace Academy' app for phones and tablets. It's really a kind of tour of some of the WWI exhibits in the museum (including a Shorthorn, JN-4 ['Canuck' variant, of course!], Nieuport 12, AEG G.IV, Junkers J.I and a Camel [shipborne version]) rather than a flying game; there's just one very brief and simple 'mission' at the end, and the whole thing takes no more than about 15-20 minutes to go through -- you can click past some of the introductory stuff and just look at some of the close-up photos of things
  17. I'll probably be late tonight, but I plan to get there when I can! S! Maus
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