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  1. Very well deserved! Thanks for your untiring work towards getting GS back up & running. S! Maus
  2. Saw this today and thought it might be of interest: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02t7dmz More information about the project here: http://www.globalaviationresource.com/v2/2015/02/09/aviation-feature-apss-sopwith-1-12-strutter-project/ Apparently they're getting close to completion! S! Maus
  3. I've got the WWI game -- it's good fun! I'm showing my age, but the mechanics remind me a bit of the old 'Ace of Aces' picture-book games where in each turn, you and your opponent would each choose a manoeuvre, read off page numbers to each other, and then turn to those pages to give a new cockpit view of the situation: http://maverick.brainiac.com/aoa/aoa1.html. (There was no board, but there was a kind of hex-grid implied underneath this system.) S! Maus
  4. Must have been quite an experience for Ms Lofthouse! http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02qt65y
  5. I'm in favour of adding a second more European-friendly time, but I realize that some of the possible problems involved therewith have been pointed out by others above, and in the Teamspeak discussion we had a while ago another point was raised: if it's part of the same FiF tournament, that introduces the possibility that, depending on squad allocations and availability of pilots, one of the two times might be OK for balance, while the other ends up noticeably unbalanced. I don't know how this could be prevented with certainty unless the two events are run as separate but parallel tournaments, e.g. with the possibility that some squads may end up flying Entente on the weeknight and Central on the weekend afternoon, which could get confusing and complex to administer ... As for swapping sides, I've put 'undecided' because although I'm definitely in favour of squads being willing to switch sides for balance depending on numbers each time the tournament is run (the gift registry is an excellent idea!), I'm a bit hesitant about the idea of making it a requirement that each tournament will be run twice with the sides switched. Personally, I don't mind doing it at all, but it was pointed out the other night that when this rule was introduced in Ghost Skies, it was perhaps one element that accelerated the gradual drifting away of people and squads. Admittedly there were other factors involved that don't apply to the situation here (e.g. a burning desire to fly a completely different plane set on a vastly different front at an entirely different period would be futile in the current state of RoF!), but it may be a consideration worth bearing in mind. S! Maus
  6. As it was memorably put in 'Cabin Pressure' (a BBC radio aviation-related comedy): 'A good landing is one you can walk away from. A *great* landing is one where they can re-use the plane.'
  7. Looks like a balanced mix of many of the FM tweaks that pilots on both sides have been asking for. And they even fixed something in Career mode!
  8. I'm in favour of the proposed changes too, and happy to continue FiFXX in January, if that's the consensus. The important thing, as Klaiber says, is not to lose sight of the ultimate goal of maintaining and continuing to improve a great tournament! S! Maus
  9. Yes, it was a puzzling way to go about it, but I think it had something to do with the Russian historical society that was sponsoring the new game -- I guess they thought it would be better PR for them to have their name attached to a new game rather than an expansion to an existing one. In any case, I'm glad 777 have seen the light and are doing it the right way now!
  10. I don't think pre-orders (or new planes just after release) are discounted in sales, are they? I suspect they'll have a sale when the Muromets is released but it won't be discounted at that point ... to get it for less than the pre-order price may mean waiting until the sale after next ... S! Maus
  11. A friend of mine recently went to the aviation museum in Ottawa and discovered their free 'Ace Academy' app for phones and tablets. It's really a kind of tour of some of the WWI exhibits in the museum (including a Shorthorn, JN-4 ['Canuck' variant, of course!], Nieuport 12, AEG G.IV, Junkers J.I and a Camel [shipborne version]) rather than a flying game; there's just one very brief and simple 'mission' at the end, and the whole thing takes no more than about 15-20 minutes to go through -- you can click past some of the introductory stuff and just look at some of the close-up photos of things in their collection. Might be of interest to those of you with connections to museums looking for ideas for apps etc. to appeal to kids! http://casmuseum.techno-science.ca/en/whats-on/mobile-app-ace-academy.php S! Maus
  12. I'll probably be late tonight, but I plan to get there when I can! S! Maus
  13. I can't remember whether I've posted this before, but there's a Fokker D.VII still in its original livery (in fact it's the only one in the world that hasn't been restored at all) in a tiny museum in a small town in Quebec where my mother grew up: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/battle-over-future-of-fokker-d-vii-divides-knowlton-que-1.938675 More pics at the museum's website: http://www.bromemuseum.com/ S! Maus
  14. Unfortunately I'll miss tonight (a friend's birthday), but I look forward to this! S! Maus
  15. Curious that this should have approximated what actually happened to Yorktown -- the Japanese were certainly unpleasantly surprised when she re-appeared at Midway. Perhaps the game crews did an even more miraculous job than their real-life counterparts?
  16. In fact I think it may be best to un-check 'Post effects' altogether. And if you use nVidia, there's been a thread going on the RoF forums that may be helpful ... http://riseofflight.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=35258&hilit=nvidia S! Maus
  17. That's great! The lawnmower motors in particular strike a familiar chord ...
  18. Thanks Eis! Yes, we seem to have got through this one OK, at least here in St John's -- an awful lot of snow and wind, but for once, the eastern USA and Ontario seem to have got worse than the Newfoundlanders did! But given that this was the third or fourth major storm that we've had since Christmas, we're all getting a little tired of it round these parts ... Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! S! Maus
  19. It's even better than the one they did last year:
  20. For large files like these, it's sometimes advisable to use a download manager which can track and resume downloads if they get interrupted. Try the simply but aptly named Free Download Manager (http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/); I was also having some difficulties getting these skinpacks through regular browser download, but when I tried downloading them with the FDM they came through fine. Hope that helps! S! Maus
  21. Regarding torpedo calculations, I discovered that SH3 gave me a great opportunity to dust off my slide rule (I went to a school where electronic calculators were verboten, but slide rules, log tables, abaci, etc. were allowed because you have to think while you use them). If you're able to get hold of one, it's great for calculating, for example, target speed if you know that when you're on a collision course (target at constant bearing, closing range), own speed target speed ----------- = ------------- sin AOB sin bearing so you just line up AOB on one scale (S) over own speed on another (D), move the cursor over to the target bearing on the S scale, and read off the target speed on D (for a calculation such as this, using the S scale for the angles means you're actually working with the sin of those numbers, no need to calculate them). It's also helpful for working out range, simply moving the slide to keep track of and project range data, and often quicker than using a calculator for this kind of thing ... unless you've got a calculator that you can simply set up with various programmes so that you just enter the numbers, but then that wouldn't be as immersive, would it? Haven't played in quite a while, but this thread is prompting me to fire up the game again ... S! Maus
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