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  1. Thanks for the clarification! Do you mean 500m radius or diameter? If it goes vertically from 750 to 1250m, that sounds like a 250m radius. But then the phrase 'within 500m horizontal' in your description sounds like a 500m horizontal radius rather than diameter. Is it an oblate spheroid rather than a sphere? (I love that I'm getting to dig my high school geometry out of the cobwebs at the back of my mind. )
  2. 25 May 1917: the first Gotha bombers hit England, killing nearly 100 civilians in Folkestone. http://www.kentonline.co.uk/folkestone/news/a-quiet-spring-day-then-126206/
  3. So, just to clarify ... the parameters for the friendly gun position and for the target are different, with no specific altitude designated for the target? In other words, acceptable area over the target is effectively a hemisphere of 1500m radius, whereas for the friendly gun position, it's a kind of cylinder hovering above the guns from 750m to 1250m in altitude, and 500m in radius? That's what this explanation seems to imply.
  4. It seems that 'coast to coast' here, as is all too often the case in Canada, doesn't include Newfoundland. But I did see the Vickers Vimy back in 2005 when they recreated the Alcock-Brown transatlantic flight ... and oddly enough when it flew past, I happened to be on set shooting a CBC drama about the Atlantic Ferry Organisation in WWII!
  5. Mitchell is spinning in his grave faster than a Spit's prop at full revs.
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-39529403
  7. Interesting! It seems that the particular Nieuport they're talking about is this one: https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/10691-nieuport-11-rnas-no-2-flt-cmdr-k-s-savory/. No fuselage roundels at all. I wonder if there's any evidence for a plane having both types of roundels at once? On the other hand, the Vimy flight shown in the photos was pretty clearly not aiming for an exact replication of historical markings ... maybe it's simply a kind of nod to Canada's two official languages
  8. Some shots in the image gallery of Nieuport 11 and Pup replicas being taken to Vimy for the centenary commemorations this weekend. I'm puzzled as to why the Nieuports have British roundels on the fuselage but French ones on the wings. http://rcaf-arc.forces.gc.ca/en/article-template-standard.page?doc=rcaf-joins-the-vimy-flight-association-in-tribute-to-canadian-airmen-at-vimy/j0y9m3sx
  9. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/calgary-basement-flight-simulator-1.3926927
  10. I can do Saturday, but am also OK with postponing for the holiday if that's what people would prefer. S! Maus
  11. It occurred to me that if we want to interest new pilots in FiF, people who don't know how our missions work, maybe it might be a good idea to put some extra information periodically repeating in on-screen text? In addition to the usual bald notifications 'Factory 3, Bridge 1', etc., something like 'complete recon missions to receive locations of new targets', and the like. Since, as has been pointed out, a lot of people don't read the detailed mission briefings, this might be a way to help them learn as they fly. S! Maus
  12. How very sad. He was certainly one of the very great (and long-standing) names in the flight sim community, and always a real gentleman. S! Maus
  13. Velts, my first wingman and mentor from way back when? Fantastic to have you with us again! S! Maus
  14. I'm glad it's still there (there was talk of moving it to Ottawa a few years ago), and looking just as I remember it! It's been many years since my last visit to Knowlton.
  15. I do hope we'll see you online soon, even if just to chat or perhaps jump in an observer's seat. Take care and be well! S! Maus
  16. Not really. Yes, I obviously did agree that the scouts aren't equal when simply considered against each other; my point was that this doesn't necessarily mean that the _tournament_ is unequal, when you consider the bombers and recon planes that these scouts have to shoot down in order to deny the enemy points. (One-on-one, I'd rather fly an HD.2 against a Brandenburg than a Pfalz or Alb against a Breguet.) No plane-set is going to be perfectly balanced, and in any case, as was pointed out above, the FiF practice of switching sides is intended to give each team a turn on each side.
  17. I see Butzzell's point here -- considering just scouts vs scouts, yes, the German scouts are better than the Entente ones. But in FiF, one side can shoot down all the enemy scouts they like, and still not win the tournament; it's only the completed missions that count. In other words, the Germans have to shoot down Felixstowes and Breguets, both of which are tough targets, whereas the Entente has to shoot down DFWs and Brandenburgs, the first of which can be a moderately tough target (though not nearly as tough as a Breguet), and the second of which is much easier. Looked at from the perspective of a scout vs 2-seater/bomber contest, it's not terribly unbalanced. S! Maus
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