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  1. It occurred to me that if we want to interest new pilots in FiF, people who don't know how our missions work, maybe it might be a good idea to put some extra information periodically repeating in on-screen text? In addition to the usual bald notifications 'Factory 3, Bridge 1', etc., something like 'complete recon missions to receive locations of new targets', and the like. Since, as has been pointed out, a lot of people don't read the detailed mission briefings, this might be a way to help them learn as they fly. S! Maus
  2. How very sad. He was certainly one of the very great (and long-standing) names in the flight sim community, and always a real gentleman. S! Maus
  3. Velts, my first wingman and mentor from way back when? Fantastic to have you with us again! S! Maus
  4. I'm glad it's still there (there was talk of moving it to Ottawa a few years ago), and looking just as I remember it! It's been many years since my last visit to Knowlton.
  5. I do hope we'll see you online soon, even if just to chat or perhaps jump in an observer's seat. Take care and be well! S! Maus
  6. Not really. Yes, I obviously did agree that the scouts aren't equal when simply considered against each other; my point was that this doesn't necessarily mean that the _tournament_ is unequal, when you consider the bombers and recon planes that these scouts have to shoot down in order to deny the enemy points. (One-on-one, I'd rather fly an HD.2 against a Brandenburg than a Pfalz or Alb against a Breguet.) No plane-set is going to be perfectly balanced, and in any case, as was pointed out above, the FiF practice of switching sides is intended to give each team a turn on each side.
  7. I see Butzzell's point here -- considering just scouts vs scouts, yes, the German scouts are better than the Entente ones. But in FiF, one side can shoot down all the enemy scouts they like, and still not win the tournament; it's only the completed missions that count. In other words, the Germans have to shoot down Felixstowes and Breguets, both of which are tough targets, whereas the Entente has to shoot down DFWs and Brandenburgs, the first of which can be a moderately tough target (though not nearly as tough as a Breguet), and the second of which is much easier. Looked at from the perspe
  8. The Fleet Air Arm's most decorated pilot died today, aged 97. http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-30039300
  9. Very true! The Blue team scores on Wednesdays and Saturdays were in fact pretty much the same (7 or 8 points) right up until the last Saturday (10 points), so an extra S! for those Wednesday pilots who kept the flag flying. S! Maus
  10. We talked von Wrecker through the Recovery process last night; it didn't seem to fix the problem at the time, but if he was able to get on WG today, maybe something else has fixed itself (at least for now) ...
  11. As I said last night, the whole thing is a complete mystery to me -- not least because it's so inconsistent! The problem's there one day, gone the next, then comes back again, etc. etc. ... I do hope that someone with more knowledge than I have about servers and connections and so on can get to the bottom of it!
  12. Great, thanks for the clarification!
  13. I thought the Entente weren't allowed twin front guns on the DH4, only on the rear, since the DFW doesn't have the front option? Just checking for clarification! S! Maus
  14. My cat has even been responsible for the latter on occasion ... when she jumps up in my lap, I sometimes let her just sit there if there's no action imminent, knowing that if I toss her back to the floor, she'll jump right back up. Usually she just sits quietly and nestles her face into the crook of my elbow, but there have been times when she's been unable to resist suddenly bumping her head against my joystick hand, sometimes pressing my thumb against the button which I have mapped for overwing guns (WWI) or cannon (WWII). So if you're flying on my wing and I suddenly start firing at nothi
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