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  1. I can't remember whether I've posted this before, but there's a Fokker D.VII still in its original livery (in fact it's the only one in the world that hasn't been restored at all) in a tiny museum in a small town in Quebec where my mother grew up: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/battle-over-future-of-fokker-d-vii-divides-knowlton-que-1.938675 More pics at the museum's website: http://www.bromemuseum.com/ S! Maus
  2. Unfortunately I'll miss tonight (a friend's birthday), but I look forward to this! S! Maus
  3. Curious that this should have approximated what actually happened to Yorktown -- the Japanese were certainly unpleasantly surprised when she re-appeared at Midway. Perhaps the game crews did an even more miraculous job than their real-life counterparts?
  4. In fact I think it may be best to un-check 'Post effects' altogether. And if you use nVidia, there's been a thread going on the RoF forums that may be helpful ... http://riseofflight.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=35258&hilit=nvidia S! Maus
  5. That's great! The lawnmower motors in particular strike a familiar chord ...
  6. Thanks Eis! Yes, we seem to have got through this one OK, at least here in St John's -- an awful lot of snow and wind, but for once, the eastern USA and Ontario seem to have got worse than the Newfoundlanders did! But given that this was the third or fourth major storm that we've had since Christmas, we're all getting a little tired of it round these parts ... Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! S! Maus
  7. It's even better than the one they did last year:
  8. For large files like these, it's sometimes advisable to use a download manager which can track and resume downloads if they get interrupted. Try the simply but aptly named Free Download Manager (http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/); I was also having some difficulties getting these skinpacks through regular browser download, but when I tried downloading them with the FDM they came through fine. Hope that helps! S! Maus
  9. Regarding torpedo calculations, I discovered that SH3 gave me a great opportunity to dust off my slide rule (I went to a school where electronic calculators were verboten, but slide rules, log tables, abaci, etc. were allowed because you have to think while you use them). If you're able to get hold of one, it's great for calculating, for example, target speed if you know that when you're on a collision course (target at constant bearing, closing range), own speed target speed ----------- = ------------- sin AOB sin bearing so you just line up AOB on o
  10. S! All, For Armistice Day, I thought I'd share this video: The writer and reader, Dave Sullivan, is a friend of mine; he's been researching the life and death of Michael Francis Kelly as part of his Master's degree, and since Dave is also an actor, he put some of his research into an imagined monologue by Kelly. This reading was filmed last summer, at the Beaumont Hamel memorial for the Newfoundland Regiment, which was almost annihilated on 1 July 1916 close to the site of the memorial (at one point, you can see Dave gesture over his shoulder towards Hawthorn Ridge, the site of the
  11. Fritz certainly spelled the name right in his submission, so yes, it's certainly their doing. What struck me is that the name is changed for both skins (Alb. D.III and D.Va), so it looks like they did it deliberately, thinking that their version is in fact the correct spelling. It doesn't matter much, of course, but the academic side of me, accustomed to finding out how textual variations find their way into documents, is therefore curious as to what sources they're using. S! Maus
  12. I was pleased to see the new Jasta 10 skins in the latest pack -- thanks to Butzzell for doing them! Unfortunately they spelled my name 'Maushacke'. That's the way it's rendered in the version of Udet's memoirs that I have. I don't know whether that was a mistake of Udet himself (does anyone have the German text?) or of the translator of the English edition (Richard K. Riehn), but certainly it should be 'Maushake', as in every other source where I've found him mentioned. S! Maus
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