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  1. First of all, congratulations to all those who won awards! I like the tradition of your squadron. Modestly I want to add that the statistics on downed enemy aircraft or targets destroyed - does not always accurately reflect the weight of the pilot’s contribution to the common cause. And some who may not be able to boast a large number of victories, but without his participation - the victories of his comrades would not be possible. So they also congratulations! :-)
  2. Many thanks to all, and to the organizers of the event, and our opponents in the virtual sky. In the end, it’s not so important who won, much more important is that we all did it! ! I've put a couple of records here, maybe someone will be interested to see.https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/53324-fif-2019-winter-campaign/?p=702720
  3. Give Loopy the biggest medal for showing extraordinary perseverance in the last battle! (March 16)
  4. Hi All! Of course the Shadepiece could not have known that I was wounded! And even if he knew - according to the conditions of the event, it is necessary to kill the pilots of the enemy, which would reduce their number. In any case, he had an absolutely honest victory. I posted this post in order to show the Face of War, which, although in the game, is sometimes noticeable............ Talbot is a good guy, but he has one drawback - he shoots too neatly :-) And you shouldn't forget about his pilot ( GenMarkof http://fif.jg1.org/sortie/24712/) he also depended a lot on him. In fact, at first he did not defend himself, but attacked a group of our bombers, and we arrived there too late and one by one. But this does not diminish their merits. However, it is funny that I sent three bullets to Talbot, and he returned to me exactly the same amount. Immediately obvious, he is a gentleman and repays debts)) You did everything right, that is the point of the event, that this is not a duel, but a life situation. Hopefully we'll see you more than once, at this glorious FiF event. We are waiting for interesting fights, opponents and airplanes. Thanks to the organizers! S! P.S. Somebody, tell Baer and Larner that there are more planes in the game except Spad13 ;-)
  5. This story was continued)) I attacked Roland and got a few hits of him US103_Talbot [Turret Roland C.IIa] http://fif.jg1.org/sortie/24786/The situation was still under control, the plane was controlled a little and I could fly despite injuries . The irony of fate is precisely in the fact that it was you who found me and finished off)) Here is the last moment in fate ;-)
  6. Do not worry, I recorded a little video, before your fall. There was nothing interesting there ;-)
  7. Congratulations to all the brothers in arms Happy New Year! I wish you all a good mood, a peaceful sky over your head, happiness in family life and long years of flying!
  8. We will fight with the weapon that fate and circumstances have put in our hands :-)
  9. Never seen a more realistic video :-)https://youtu.be/20Bhj0x8y7g
  10. S!You are a good shooter, which stands up in time and in the right place. I hope you'll have to repay the same when sometime, because it should already twice ;-) All the guys here are greetings to me, I hope I contributed to the fact that some of you received awards posthumously ;-)))
  11. We must immediately call the event "Flying Circus"! ;-) And all at once see how the graphics improved :-) Attraction of participants in this way from other flight simulators is doubtful, and for the time of the advent of this Flying Circus, this will affect no more than playing the drum of an Indian shaman, causing rain. Or the work of these guys on calling planes ;-) http://aestheticblasphemy.com/blog/quotables/philosophy/planes-dont-land/278 I think it's a desire to do something new without having anything new. The result will be only that there will not be many interesting aircraft on the event.
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