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  1. Spreading the American Muscle Night skins to P38s. I used the markings for the lightning scripted campaign the 485th v_!_JG1_P38J25_Goat.dds
  2. Sounds great! You wanna pick a squadron to base it off of? Then we could have another group of planes matching. I know I kind of grandfathered myself with picking the squadron for the P47s
  3. The General and I have been using the 56th fg as our base paint schemes (AKA: Zemke's Wolfpack 61st,62nd,63rd) for our Sunday American Muscle. Pretty fun if anyone wants to join... Or if you're Vonrd and would like to see a nice paint scheme before he blows it out of the sky!!!
  4. v_!_JG1_P47D22_AngryGoatB.dds
  5. v_!_JG1_P47D22_AngryGoat.dds
  6. v_!_JG1_P47D28_AngryGoat.dds
  7. v_!_JG1_P47D28_AngryGoatB.dds
  8. power back on! hopefully i'll make it onto the war grounds tonight
  9. Hey guys not sure when I’ll be back. The wind storm took out our power in the area. Left 45% of the town dark. Give ‘‘em hell!! And tell the ground crew to polish and clean my machines for upon my return. SALUTE Angry Goat
  10. Hey guys I’m still gonna try to hop into the jug tonight around 9pm est. (weather permitting. We’re suppose to be getting some bad wind tonight.)
  11. Was a little bored today. So I decided to do a little research into Klai’s grandfather’s squadron. This one is “Jenny Rebel”. My grandfather was in the pacific theatre. So until we get some pby5a’s or a SBD Dauntless, I’ll have to hold off on my grandfather’s paint schemes.
  12. My girl Dolores does not disappoint
  13. It's no secret for my love towards my rotary and radial powerplants. From Dreidecker, Camel, FW190, and now my all time favorite p47 razorback! So I was looking at the calendar for the squadron to make sure i didn't interfere with anything... and was wondering if anyone would be interested in flying some BIG AMERICAN MUSCLE on Sundays after 9pm Est? P.S. i painted my p47's after the 56th FS (later split into the 61st,62nd, and 63rd) which trained in my hometown airfield and patrolled New York/ New England airspace until shipped on the boat over the pond.
  14. Hahaha I thought a p47 was a tank?
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