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  1. So recently I remember my grandfather’s best friend and next door neighbor flew P38s and P39s in the war. His name was Joseph B. Maley. He was a part of the 32nd Air Operations “the spitting wolfhounds.” So I started diving deep into Internet searching and to my surprise, I found an AWESOME picture of him posing on his P38 “Shanty Irish”. Was wondering if anyone could help me out with finding markings or paint colors? Seeing I only have one black and white photo, I feel like there’ll be a lot of guessing. But would love to recreate it and fly it in his honor. I feel bad that I was too young at the time to really appreciate talking to him and can only wish to be able to pick his brain about his time in aviation.
  2. My Blue Nosed Bastard from Bodney. Fifty Cal Gal v_!_JG1_P51D15NA_AngryGoat.dds
  3. P40 "Coyote Ugly" v_!_JG1_P40E1_GoatB.dds
  4. P40 "Hired Gun" v_!_JG1_P40E1_Goat.dds
  5. Playing with my Junk...er
  6. Spreading the American Muscle Night skins to P38s. I used the markings for the lightning scripted campaign the 485th v_!_JG1_P38J25_Goat.dds
  7. Sounds great! You wanna pick a squadron to base it off of? Then we could have another group of planes matching. I know I kind of grandfathered myself with picking the squadron for the P47s
  8. The General and I have been using the 56th fg as our base paint schemes (AKA: Zemke's Wolfpack 61st,62nd,63rd) for our Sunday American Muscle. Pretty fun if anyone wants to join... Or if you're Vonrd and would like to see a nice paint scheme before he blows it out of the sky!!!
  9. v_!_JG1_P47D22_AngryGoatB.dds
  10. v_!_JG1_P47D22_AngryGoat.dds
  11. v_!_JG1_P47D28_AngryGoat.dds
  12. v_!_JG1_P47D28_AngryGoatB.dds
  13. power back on! hopefully i'll make it onto the war grounds tonight
  14. Hey guys not sure when I’ll be back. The wind storm took out our power in the area. Left 45% of the town dark. Give ‘‘em hell!! And tell the ground crew to polish and clean my machines for upon my return. SALUTE Angry Goat
  15. Hey guys I’m still gonna try to hop into the jug tonight around 9pm est. (weather permitting. We’re suppose to be getting some bad wind tonight.)
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