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  1. that's correct luft. vonrd changed the names to goat and goat b for the FIF package. so this revised paint scheme is for ! JG1 FokkerDr1 Goat.dds and the ! JG1 FokkerDr1 Goat B.dds is the one with the red white black top wing and red cowl with face
  2. Heinrich, the dolphin and spad I hardly ever fly. i'll try to redo the paint schemes when I get motivated... as well as my 2 seaters. the camel without the alpha… feel free to delete. I've already redone and you should already have. it's brown and black with the markings of my personal chest tattoo with a caption "Lone wolf" and my personal last name initial P(which is totally understandable for being confusing) besides the camel, my personal markings are the angry goat roundels and hearts with skull and crossbones. other than that all my aircraft have jasta 11 red. as well as most of my aircraft have "angry goat" written in German on the elevators. it's pretty uniform in the sense of personal markings. I'm pretty sure when we're in the air you'll know its me. none of my wingmen have had problems with recognition. You just gotta get more flight time with the goat. after the third time I save you... you'll remember. just ask Luft. 😉
  3. Does anyone have a link to the career campaign for flying circus?
  4. I just noticed that my dr1 with the early war crosses was my old design(before I knew about Alpha Channels and all that fun stuff). if you could please overwrite my other one with the one I personally use? sorry for the inconvenience. I should've noticed earlier ! JG1 FokkerDr1 Goat.zip
  5. AngryGoat

    Screenshot art

    Second Flight: After a couple shots and a quick smoke. it was back in the air. still determined to find the squadron... I headed towards the front. there they were. circling over cappy. I noticed tracers a little north of the field. I went to investigate knowing friends were close. there was a dogfight down low and that's when I noticed the 2 seater. I jumped down on him and we began tumbling and turning to shred each other apart with bullets. that's when the calvary arrived. Klai and Brit swirling down from above the Bristol was doomed. Like a pack of Hyenas we take turns tearing chunks out of him. eventually we were done playing and Britchot drove the last nail into the flying coffin. beware the pack of Dreideckers
  6. AngryGoat

    Screenshot art

    First flight: took off lone wolf looking for the squadron... when I noticed our balloon being attacked. both observers parachuted out and I gave pursuit to the SE5A. He noticed me coming in and turned for a head on attack. A bullet grazed me and I was stunned for a second. when I came to my senses I noticed him slightly under trying to get his sights on me. I kicked the rudder and went on the offence. I drilled enough bullets into his machine where it's powerplant finally gave out. Saving my ammo, I leave him to glide to the ground. with my impaired vision I did not notice the danger lurking above! another SE5A circling above watching everything play out. He rolled his wing over and began to dive on me with vengeance. By luck I noticed our flak had not stopped. at the last second I glanced up to see the fighter with his fangs out. instinctively I pulled the triplane into a sharp climbing turn to throw off his attack. the SE5A pulled up to correct his path and the G force RIPPED the top wing right off! causing him to become a spiraling dart. Now low on ammo and still weary about another attacker... I head for base. Gave the boys a thumbs up to let them know i'm a little banged up but alright... and to line up a round of shots
  7. AngryGoat

    Screenshot art

    and everyone act cool... the boss is here. the honorable Klai bringing up the rear
  8. AngryGoat

    Screenshot art

    Double trouble in formation. Luft and the goat
  9. are those spoke wheels on Dudley's?!!
  10. not sure if I registered. hope i'm not too late jg1_angrygoat jg1/ jasta 11 eastern standard time
  11. here's the revised Pfalz and dviif. also my sopwith camel and se5a
  12. I hope I did that right. I made them the same name as my original ones so they all can be overwritten
  13. ! JG1 AlbatrosD5 Goat.zip ! JG1 FokkerD7 Goat.zip ! JG1 FokkerD7F Goat.zip ! JG1 FokkerDr1 JG1 Goat Early.zip ! JG1 FokkerDr1 Late Goat.zip ! JG1 PfalzD3a Goat.zip ! JG1 se5a Goat.zip ! JG1 Sopwith Camel Goat.zip
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