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  1. I looked on the Tank Crew Forum, Multiplayer Section and didn't see any post. If we want people playing tanks in larger #'s, from the forums, we should get a post up on that page at least 1 day in advance
  2. Are we using EDT or still the same time of UTC ?
  3. I think that to help with possibly generating more community interest, Publish the PlaneSets, TankSets, Maps with starting Bases, etc so people have a better understanding of what is going on before they decide to come into the server. If you have all that on a web page post up a link here and maybe the IL2 forums.
  4. I'll be there. IS there info on the web page ?
  5. Neun, I'll prob come in and fly. Can you post a link to sign up I only see events listed for Wed's in OCT
  6. I recently watched a good documentary on amazon about british jets. Was a pretty good show never knew the british sold the russians the jet engine that became the mig-15
  7. Anyone that's downloaded this, and read the description remember who Kurt Steiner was ?
  8. This is a mission I built when I first got into IL2-GB year or 2 ago. Works with current version of game, TC needed to play it as it is a Tiger Mission. I could use some editing on the descrip. Basically you along with a wingman tiger start on the Spas side of the river. You need to take out all enemy in the town, tanks, trucks, AT guns, etc. There will be a para drop that will deploy some AT guns. A column of trucks is right on your heels on the road headed in that when they arrive will deploy some 88's. Behind them, is a column of some PZ4, Stugs to rein
  9. 830 PM EST ? I'll be there. I am putting up a mission Thad made. GunnTank Practice Ranges.zipery Practice . A good way to get better at ranging in game
  10. That was a factor for me as well. Looks like the team up with microprose might bring something that is in the forefront of tech, we will see. I have heard many people saying that IL2/BOx is just a cut and paste of the ROF engine, which is @ 10 years old. This "style" of simply copying what has already been developed for the IL2 team is real apparent when you play tank crew and see it's just a copy of the flight sim engine and placing objects on the ground instead of the air. BOx kind of reminds me of the movie Falling Down, where md goes into the burger joint, gets a b
  11. Played this back in the 90's. Still around, and looks like they have partnered up with microprose and are working on a new and improved version, new gfx engine. It could be possible that may help kick IL2 guys in the can, to get some resolutions in place for all of the spotting issues being experienced by so many .
  12. Has anyone been able to get this Aircraft to go 641 KPH @ 2000 M boosted ? Max I have been able to get is 585 It seems slower than the K4 at 2000,
  13. Also, does anyone has some good recommendations on some multi axis controllers ? Is the Ch Throttle Quadrant any good ? Anyone have some multi axis products to recommend ?
  14. Heinrich, What is a MFD ? can you give me some info or a pic for that ?
  15. Does anyone know the # of controllers you can hook up and use in game ? I have 3 now, Stick/Throttle/Rudder, and want to know if the game will support more than that, before I make or buy something. I want more Axes so I can map them on a 4th controller
  16. I have the CD, no If I can find my port CD player, I can get the files you need
  17. I was able to get this to work, finally. Tried alot of different things, in the end, I mapped a keystroke to the pedal brake axis in Joy to Key and they now seem to work.
  18. Thnx Klaiber, I'll try that. just a mention, all of the axis controls work, except for the pedal brakes, those will not assign.
  19. Does anyone have an issue getting IL2/BOx recognizing the toe brake on the pedals ? I can't get mine to work. I do not use control manager software, any help appreciated
  20. So I was flying with Kliegmann and started messing with my aileron trim prior to takeoff and this happened....... The center section of my plane disappeared, Look at the pic attached. I did not try to take off, maybe I should have to see , definitely lost all of my blind spots from the 109 Canopy supports, side of cockpit etc etc. May have been a huge visual advantage ! Although losing the all gauges was probably not an ideal situation either ! Looking to the rear, you could see the tail of the fuselage, and some control hardware in the center. I did not get a screen o
  21. Agreed, was fun. Hopefully in the future with some seat time my flying will be more of a contribution to the effort ! It's fast, and right now what seems to be available, expert settings, for a combined arms style campaign. The down side I feel is that it is located in russia, and is not a 24/7 server. Even it it was 24/7 the core group of russian players that I have come across would only be there earlier in the day. I think Moscow is + 10 hrs compared to PST. Alot of times the Russians that go in the air are good and it's tough to get close to an IL2 to take it out before they
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