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  1. Had fun with Etzel and GenMark Saturday. I'm still working on the flying aspect, but enjoyed seeing GM do his magic in the 110E . Look fwd to more, I am not positive but I believe now that we have gone through time change, the prime time on this Att-Efront server would start at 1000 PST, not 1100. I'm going to try earlier in the AM say 8 or 9 this next sat. It may be that this is the time to get the most, although Sun, it looked like Server was at capacity 1 or 2 PST( which has been lowered to 30 from 40. ) Talk to GM or Etzel, If you want fast action, short flig
  2. Hey Etzel, I'll be there at 11 am PST, probably until 2-230 or so PST. That seems to be the highest population on the server. I'll get up on TS before I start, any1 that joins give me a shout. I am just now realizing that FIF ? is the same time Sat at 11 am PST. Well, Sunday is a good day as well, I try to do both days 11-2 or so if possible. At some point, when there is more Tank Crew interest, or Kliegman gets his campaign all set, then I believe that there will be an exodus from the E-front server as alot of people that are on there, are there because it's the
  3. Here is the stat page link http://e-front.publicvm.com:8000/en/?tour=12
  4. Hi All, If anyone is interested in some combined arms, the best server as of now, with alot of armor playing is E-Front or maybe called Attention E-Front. The server has alot of Russian and Europe players. Russian side seems to be able to put 10-15 or more regularly, when I have been able to catch the main group I see on there. Expert Mode, zero icons. Server says 40 players, I've seen 36. The battle area is much smaller than you will see on a primarily Air Battle Map. I'll have to look at some maps I have later, if flying, once in the air you can be in action in a
  5. What is your Timezone? PST Do you have a joystick or HOTAS? HOTAS Do you have TeamSpeak installed, as well as a working microphone? TS, got mic squared away Do you have TrackIR, or a FreeTrack system for view control? TrackIR Still in process of fine tuning, but works well enough for now What sims are you currently flying? IL2/BOS possibly FC at some point Tank Crew, not flying though How did you hear about JG1? ex hand Is there anything else that you'd like us to know? Still getting used to things in the air again If possible wo
  6. S! all . Back in the Day I used to fly with JG1. I'm currently into the BOS series, more specifically Tank Crew. I'm working on setting up a loose affiliation or German Armor players. One big problem the German side has, on the E-front Server, the main tank one, is that the Russians almost always outnumber us horribly in the Air. For any here that might be interested in some combined arms fighting, whether fighter, or attack aircraft, I could think of no better or well suited group to ask for some volunteers for some action on the weekends. I'm on PST, and am still working o
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