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  1. S! All Everything except pre orders are half price. Also new pics of channel map and Halb D.II http://riseofflight.com/Blogs/default.aspx Great time to pic up those extra planes to round out your hangar. S!
  2. S! Congratulations ! I hope this will lead to more Italian planes in RoF as well as an Italian front. Bona fortuna, Saluti tuti!
  3. S! For me this is wonderfull. I feel this really bridges the late 1916 part of the war. The heyday of the N-17 just befor Pups and Tripes arrived. Fe2 and Be2c would really fill out the program. The Roland CII is one beautiful plane. Not exactly a brisfit before its time but almost. Hopefully the Halb should be the missing match for the N-11. S! and Merry Christmas well almost
  4. S! All Sorry for poor server performance. Normally server is good for 50 planes in one spot all shooting flares at eachother. Problem is with the start up file in the data folder. There is a client and server bandwidth section there and the numbers are too low. This is what you will see if you check the file on your system: [KEY = network] client_download_traflimit = 1000 client_ip = "" client_upload_traflimit = 1000 downloader_port = 28100 server_download_traflimit = 1000 server_upload_traflimit = 1000 tcp_port = 28000 udp_port = 28000 This is what the
  5. S! all New seaplane is almost ready. It has 2 forward guns and the rear gunner does not have a rudder in his way. Famous last words- it should be really good. Description and video at http://riseofflight.com/Blogs/post/2012/09/05/Brandenburg-W12-Beta-video.aspx S!
  6. S! All Latest update is out. It adds new pistols and streamers, fixes some exe and graphics bugs and is suposed to load the server list faster. In the news section is a great video of a boat on the water. Very nice indeed. enjoy!!
  7. S! All Please remember to update in administrative mode so that you can install the Direct X components. There are also the volume 12 fictional and historical skinpacks. The JG1 server has been updated to this level. Personaly I want to see if there are any performance penalties for the extra weapons. I also want to check out the lewis gun reload animation. It should be way cool. S!
  8. S! I talked to him this afternoon. He can log in. When he tries to post it kicks him out and gives an error.
  9. S! Thanks for the info. I will pass it on. Pragr was having trouble loging in. S!
  10. S! Klaiber Thanks for the heads up. So far have not seen that issue. S!
  11. S! Bowser Thanks for the post. I missed this somehow. It looks very good. I love Band of Brothers. Well what I loved was the interviews of the real people that were portrayed. Hearing their thoughts and comments was great. S!
  12. I just happened to be in San Antonio in front of the Alamo around midnight. There were some teenagers milling about. A person started up a boom box. Midnight now, remember. Was it rock?, was it rap? NO! It was music for cloggers. After 10 minutes there were about 200 kids all clogging in front of the Alamo. Betwen participants and spectators there was almost 500 people there. No property damage and no trash left. Nice to see good things happen.
  13. S! That reminded me of the Jive talk scene from Airplane.
  14. A space ship lands and what is inside? Elanor Roosavelt.
  15. S! Good Luck to all in Bloody April. S! and Happy Easter.
  16. Well, I am offended !! Where is "Dancing with the Rittmeister". It should be here. It was the best Polka show of all time next to the Schmengie Brothers.
  17. S! Bowser, I saw this movie when it was released. It reminded me of Felini. The dream sequenses were very well done. Shortly after the movie was released the British governement announced that a soldier had died after a long period of hospitilization. There was more to it than that but it looked like a parrallel story. I was very disturbed by this film and have never watched it since. It asks too many questions for which there are few answers. For people interested in film making, it is a must see. The direction and editing are excelent. I think the subject mater at that time overs
  18. S! It was corny but I liked the movie.
  19. S! Bowser, I luv BOOGIEWOOGIE. It is so high energy. And yes, my parents grew up on it. Thanks for posting. S!
  20. S! All The update is out. It is a little big. The latest paint patch is a single labeled Official Skin pack version 1.024. It too is a little big. They know they were late with all this. They claim the plane did not perform well with the 180 hp engine... so they made a second plane with a 200hp engine !!!! and it has bombs!!! Eat that Brisfit brats. To celebrate, they are having a 50% off sale on planes, mods and personal jewlery. S!
  21. S! Otto, The last patch had a new feature that let you build a response curve profile for each plane. It reset all the keys to default settings and for many people it made their joystick go backwards. Some people set up response curves for each plane they fly so that it will go level with hands off. The trick is not just setting it up but how you save it. For some it works first time, for others it may take several times. It can be frustrating. I use a single setting for all planes. It took me about 3 times to get it saved so that it is always working. You will need to go throu
  22. S! All Last year this was an exciting event. It was the first real RoF online tournament. They showed that it can be done. Those that want to participate should sign up soon. Official Registration Portal http://www.jasta5.org/events/bloodyapril/index.htm Be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Remember to sign up for their forums. This will give you access to the information needed, similar to what was used for FiF. I listed that I would be available for all missions all day every day. Yes, I am a glutton for punishment. This is a great way to have fun in R
  23. S! All I think there is a large Belgian population playing RoF. Many of the HQ guys and I believe some of LesHellequins are Belgian. This helps broaden the market and show appreciation for suporters. A very good move all round. The addition of the channel map shows that new maps are possible. Eastern front? Middle east? Italian? The door has been opened. S!
  24. S! Lee Glad you had fun last night. RoF is a great sim. They have done well with the planes and the scenery. It just keeps getting better. Of course last night was a little disappointing with you flying Allied crates. You need to give up tea. Come join the good guys! Beer all round! S!
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