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  1. S! All At the end of the Tank N Spank thread on the forums, I posted the capture mechanism. It is a rather long post because it has lots of pictures. The explanation of the actual logic is at the end of the post. TNS Link
  2. S! All Some folks have suggested a Winter map for the Winter Campaign. The practice server is up in Winter Season. Please try and do some missions to see how well you can navigate. Will this be OK?
  3. S! All Just a reminder. We only have two active air basses on each side. People that spawn in first will need to move a few plane lengths forward to let others spawn in. Other wise you could loose planes if people try to spawn and there is no room in the lineup. The Gotha and S-22 are air start. Please do not spawn in until someone on coms lets you know the flare has fired.
  4. S! All This Sundays' TnS will be a variation of The cities on the map have armies all around. Not wishing to offend either side they have raised both flags. This will not help them. Your job is to go into the city and tear down that enemy flag to conquer liberate the city. The map sis the same one used in the ammo area description above with one minor difference. The flags are not at the spawn locations. The flags are in the center of town. A white marker in the city designates the flag location. A Red and Blue
  5. S! All Dry Run is this Saturday at 2:00 pm Eastern North American time. Server comes up 15 minutes earlier so people can load in. This will not be Dead is Dead. We want people to experience and explore as much as possible. If you are going to do special 2 seater missions, please review the requirements for the mission. You must have a plane with the proper name. Arty spot has altitude restrictions - above 750 m and below 1250 meters. If you do photo recon, be sure you have the photo load out and you see the camera icon when you spawn in.
  6. I said I wanted to feel stoned. They beat me to it. Actually I think I used to hang out with them. Also I have the big drum in my back yard but mine is green. Or at least I think it is green. It might be orange. Yes, a big juicy orange with paisley leaves.
  7. S! Vonrd. Really nice. Great musicians. Awesome production. Just seams to lack energy. I don't know. I just don't feel stoned after listening to it.
  8. S! We'll be running Tank'N Spank again tonight (Wednesday, 13 January) during North American times - 9PM EST / 2AM UTC. To check out your stats after a mission, head here: http://stats.jg1.org:8000/en/ And to join us on comms, feel free to sign up to our event Discord: https://discord.gg/QZyWYEp Brief update as TnS evolves. We had a lot of server overload messages on last Sunday. One third of targets have been removed. There are now only two tank battle areas. Door nocker anti tank guns out in the fields have been removed. A couple o
  9. S! All We will be doing TnS Sunday, 10 January a 2:15 Eastern North American time and will run for 3 hours and 15 minutes. The extra 15 minutes is so people can log in and form up. A green flare will mark the official start. This will be the Stalingrad winter map. Please remember: Any tank can change a flag. You need a Commander tank to capture a flag. The HQ for a captured flag must be in the destroyed condition to capture a base and turn it to friendly. If you destroy the HQ, the Supply Depot sends out a repair convoy to the HQ.
  10. S! All found this on Adler legion and had to share.
  11. Hummmm. Mountains above the clouds. very interesting.
  12. Well if you are not going to fly it, Dang! You will just have to be the Commander.
  13. S! All The war continues! For this FiF we will stay with RoF. This FiF will be on the Tarnopol map and have a full 16 objectives. It will use the very early plane set. Yes, the S-16, S-22and Russian N-17 will be included. The order of secondary objectives has changed from the last FiF. Because the map is covered in trees and mountains, there is a special consideration for the Entente. For the General Capture mission, you do not need to land to capture the General. You just fly over him and you will get the capture message. A few seconds later you will get the area to se
  14. Wait just a pea pickin' minute! That was me that got blowed up. I was in the middle of the group, surrounded by plenty of better targets and BOOOM! I know it was personal. Dang enemy just hates my guts.
  15. So, a hot fix for the hot fix for the broken update that did not fix the DM. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
  16. S! All Full tournament version like last Sunday but on Stalingrad winter map. Siren at 1 minute before top of hour. Flares at top of hour. NDB at air fields. North are beacon 1. South are beacon 2. Same planes and tanks. Server comes up at 8:45 pm. Mission runs 3 hours.
  17. They did it again. MG do not cause damage. Only cannons cause damage. Prepare for a hot fix.
  18. S! Etzel The new format is an attempt to get rid of the quake air battles and make the air war part of the ground war.
  19. 2:00 pm Please see the tns update at IL2 forums.
  20. Merry Christmas to all. Share the joy and love.
  21. That is just crazy. Install problem?
  22. Great mission. Loved the terrain and the surprises.
  23. Absolutely beautiful. Merry Christmas
  24. S! Loopy Thanks for the info. I tried high and yes it is very smooth. Not sure which is better. Also is this one more example of 777 doing things backwards?
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