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manual prop pitch in the Focke Wulf 190s


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Is there a trick to getting this to work?    I have mapped an axis on my throttle quadrant to manual prop pitch for 'all engines' and 'engine 1'.   For other aircraft it seems to be working, but for the FW, which need to be set to manual pitch mode, I can make the switch to manual mode but the axis is not recognized for setting the pitch amount.



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16 hours ago, Etzel said:

Pretty sure u need to map it on buttons. In the 190 nearly everything was controlled electrical, also pitch trim neeed buttons...

Well, never tried manual prop in 190, but e.g. in Hs129 prop pitch works via buttons 

Thanks, apparently you do need to map it to buttons, and not in the regular RPM controls but rather the "Propeller RMP: high pitch/low pitch' controls.

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