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Leave the PROPS alone already.


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A bit premature perhaps.... because I have not seen it in IL-2 specifically... but I am guessing that the same thing that they did to Cliffs of Dover happened to IL-2..... they monkeyed with the prop spinning disc graphic.  I have 10,000+ hours behind a spinning prop and they managed to create something I have NEVER seen. You essentially have two speeds.... fast... blur (guys... it's INVISIBLE)  and if you slow down or load up the prop which means lower RPM....  you get this Dragonfly in a spin looking graphic. 

There is always SOME bone head that is going boldly where no graphic artist has gone before.     one word....

WHY ! ? ! ? !     Do something EVEN IF IT IS WRONG.   They just want one more graphic, one more effect, one more something....  leave it the heck alone would you?

You MIGHT.... maybe... possibly could and seldom did see a glint off your own prop... and it stayed with you about a millionth of a second and you forgot about it because it was so mudane it made a .00001  impression on you.  (and that was a polished silver prop.... NEVER a painted black prop.)

WOW... I hope that they have second thoughts on this annoying waste of GPU time.   As I said....   I HOPE sincerely that it is not as bad in IL-2... .but something changed things around.... not saying WHAT.... but somehow my Anti-aliasing came alive and totally screwed the pooch on my new machine.  I think I have everything back working properly.


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17 hours ago, Ludwig said:

WHY ! ? ! ? ! 

Because it's become de rigeur in digital depictions of prop driven aircraft and reinforced by artistic illustrations as well as films (because the 24 frames per second amplifies it). I absolutely agree that it's completely unrealistic for those who have actually flown but... illusion is paramount in games.

I also would prefer it to be gone.

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