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CH Throttle issue - Help


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I discovered an issue last evening that I can use any help/advise on.


I will preface that I have no problem offline with throttle adjustments in Spits or Hurricanes.


When going through engine start and starting to taxi in a 109 I can not get over 1100 RPM.

I can taxi real slow but nothing more than that.


My engine start proc is

fuel cock on

prop pitch 100

Magneto 1

Water Rad open

Oil Rad open

trim and flaps set.

Throttle 20% or so and wait until 40C


I advance the throttle and the graphics showing it going forward properly but it never develops any RPM past 1100.


Going into the ingame config the Throttle shows the proper throw from 0-100% when moving the device.


Color me stumped.


System consists of

CH FighterStick

CH Pro Throttle

SIMP Vario Pedal.


Windows 10 Pro x64(anniversary edition)

Core I7 4790


ATI R9 290

SamSung 850 Pro 512GB (system drive)







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~S~ Drucker


 If this is a fresh install, I would say you have a corrupt file in the 109's.

But 1st...before reinstalling, you could try somethings.


Clear your cache folder C:\Users\user\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - MOD\cache...... delete everything inside

Rebuild your net frame work    Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features "Microsoft .net framework ###" click it and repair.

(Whenever the game seems to be screwing up, do these 2 steps. Straightens out what was a good game)


Play a quick mission for a few seconds, before multiplayer. Clears a lot of Clod weirdness.


OK if we cant figure this one out...then its reinstall last resort.


A simple way to do this. Rename your ,,,\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - MOD,,,folder

(All your config files, skins, missions are in this folder)

Then just do the installs in order...about 15 min.


In documents il2,,,you will have 3 game folders. stock, mod, and your "renamed"

What I would try is rename the new mod folder, and un rename your old folder ...and try it.


This will probably fix it, because if it is a corrupt file, those files are in the Steam folder.  #:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover


Hope this gets you going



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109E-1/3 or 109E-4?


That sounds like a prop pitch issue honestly. I know you said your prop pitch is 100% but please check the following suggestions.


The 109 (and 110) pitch command is reversed from the Spitfire, so "decrease pitch" actually increases and vice-versa. Verify your prop pitch reads 12:00 on the clock, that will be full.


The automated prop pitch on the 109E-4 is bugged at the start. Disable the automated prop pitch and command 12:00, then enable the automation again.


Hopefully this is the issue and is easily fixed.

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