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Barton's skins

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Had the chance to look at Barton's skin, and I think it looks awesome.


Question though - why did you decide to separate the chevron from the circle?  


It looks cool, but I was wondering if you got inspiration from somewhere.


For reference, here is a II./JG 1 TO from 1943:





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Honestly, I didn't research...  :unsure: . It's not that big a deal to change. I'll look into it.



After a quick look I see that the circle is adjacent to the chevron. I don't see any examples for the 109s though.

Small or large circle?

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Hi Vonrd,


It's not a big deal, I was just curious. :)


For reference, here is the Bf 109F-2 of Detlev Rohwer, Stab I./JG 3 Technical Officer, circa August 1941:




Stab II./JG 1 would be the same, just with the horizontal bar of the II.Gruppe after the girder cross.

The circle should be as large as the chevron.  Though, there are examples with the circle being smaller.


Hope this helps!

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