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First multiplayer dogfight - Arras Map

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Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to hop on Jasta 5's Flying Circus server and test out the Arras Map for the first time. Typically, numbers are around 50 or so people for this event (I have seen server logs listing as many as 120 for one mission last month! 😮). This particular week, numbers were more like 30 or so, but I still had some super cool fights! And hey, just flying around the Arras Map was so much fun in and of itself. 🤩
Here's one particular dogfight I got into over the mud:
You can view the full livestream here:
Flying Circus looks to be taking off gents! I'm super excited to see what the community does with it in the future! 
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This guy is a natural.  Takes on all comers without blinking an eye.  It's easy to tell how new this game is, since there are actually people flying that would try to turn-fight in an S.E.5a.  Such a thing would never happen in RoF.  I don't think that situation will last too long though, after the education that HL gave them.

I was wondering if the S.E.5(s?) that attacked when you were egressing were the same ones, or others?  If the same ones, they sure took a lot of punishment and still remained viable.

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Thanks guys! 🙂

I think according to the sortie logs, there were 3 total. The one that bounced me was new to the fight. The first one I damaged did not return to the fight and was credited as a shoot down. The second one I damaged turned around to pursue me when the third one hit me. The Albatros dropped in on the third one to save me, so I was able to focus on the second one and finish what I began. 

Overall, I feel good about that fight! Just need to not fly straight without checking 6 for a prolonged time in the combat area. 

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