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Next IL:2 Title For Squad Use?


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I wanted to post in here for mainly the purposes of a question as a newer squad member: however I see this could also potentially branch out into a discussion if we wanted to with some of the more experience members! 

To preface - as I'm newer to the squadron after a period of flight-sim absence, I have the earlier IL:2 modules from Stalingrad to Kuban/Moscow, but none of the "late war" Modules such as Bodenplatte or Normandy. I've noticed a bit of discussion about things like re-shade not being required in the New IL:2 Cliffs of Dover - Tobruk module, as the plane-pop/distance scouting issue is apparently not present and/or not as large on the older modules. 

My question would be - going forward and planning my purchases. Would it be better to purchase the Bodenplatte expansion to have access to higher performance machines in the Great Battles engine? We fly a lot of later war maps on Combat Box when we fly Oseau practice, and I've noticed that me only having access to the mid G-series Bf-109's sometimes relegates me out of use for Sweep and Cover. However, if we were to branch out into Tobruk because the general user base seems pleased with it - would that be more worthwhile as the next module to acquire? 

I hope this doesn't sound like a low-brow question, but with money and work tight because of the COVID I want to make sure I'm aligning my purchases as much as possible with the direction of the squad! I hope you're all staying safe and healthy! The Aug 11th flyouts were really enjoyable and I hope you all had fun too! 

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I'm not sure the squadron is going to take an official stance on this issue but as it seems to me the great battles iteration is going to remain our main simulator for WW2 as it does have more theaters and aircraft availability.  At the moment I would say you might be better served by getting Bodenplatte, but if you can only get one or the other I might advise you to hold off for a couple weeks and see how things pan out.

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That seems like a really reasonable course of action for now. I'm not trying to pressure anybody into making a statement or commitment or anything, sorry if it accidentally sounded that way. I really want to make sure that I'm picking up the modules that many of the members would recommend/like to use in future so I can be of more use in the squadron flyouts and have the best fun-to-money ratio possible. Thanks Jester! :D 

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