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History buff looking for help


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So recently I remember my grandfather’s best friend and next door neighbor flew P38s and P39s in the war. His name was Joseph B. Maley. He was a part of the 32nd Air Operations “the spitting wolfhounds.” So I started diving deep into Internet searching and to my surprise, I found an AWESOME picture of him posing on his P38 “Shanty Irish”. Was wondering if anyone could help me out with finding markings or paint colors? Seeing I only have one black and white photo, I feel like there’ll be a lot of guessing. But would love to recreate it and fly it in his honor. I feel bad that I was too young at the time to really appreciate talking to him and can only wish to be able to pick his brain about his time in aviation.


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My dad was a tank gunner and his tank was also "Shanty Irish"!

I found a P51 that was also Shanty Irish but didn't have any luck with Mr. Maley.


M5A1 “Shanty Irish” 12th Armored Division Rouffach, France, February 1945

M5A1 “Shanty Irish” 12th Armored Division Rouffach, France, February 1945.jpg

1st Lt. Gilbert O’Brien, 357th FG, P-51B “Shanty Irish”


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Here is a better photograph:


I can't find a lot on the 32nd Fighter Squadron, 36th Fighter Group. I don't have a ton of books on Allied fighter squadrons.  I did find this, however:


We also know that the 32nd Fighter Squadron transitioned to the P-38 in 1945, but VE day cut their operational use short.


The unit moved from France Field to Howard Field between 7 and 10 January 1945,[2] where it was to replace the 43d Fighter Squadron and prepare for the transition to Lockheed P-38 Lightnings. On 1 February 1945, the unit was redesignated as the 32nd Fighter Squadron, Twin Engine. However, no sooner had conversion to the P-38's been completed than the entire complement of P-38s was hangared and the unit activities ran down with the end of the war in Europe. The squadron ceased all flying activities in June, and the P-38s were stored in a hangar. By October 1945, the squadron was reduced to a non-operational administrative organization. Inactivated on 15 October 1946.


Based on the picture you have above, it looks like the nacelles are olive drab.  The nose tip is probably yellow.  And the aircraft would not have invasion stripes on it, as it's early 1945.

Honestly, it's probably similar looking to this P-38L:



Unfortunately, it's just not possible to get specifics without a more complete photograph.

For example, I have no idea what the unit markings were like, either on the boom tails or on the vertical stabilizers.

Hopefully that helps!


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@AngryGoat, also found this:



Emblem: On a light turquoise blue disc, border light yellow orange, edged black, a caricatured, brown and white wolf's head, with mouth open and fangs bared, dripping saliva, proper, white facing to the dexter. (Approved 2 Aug 1945).

Here's a good version of it, which can be adapated:



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