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S! Wufnu of J4, previously of JG6, reporting. 

I remember some ~24 years ago when Somonul, Leep, myself, and others from JG6 were incorporated into JG1 to form J4, it was a very exciting time.  I don't remember if Kessler and Flybert were with us prior or if they were the ones that recruited us.  Had to leave around the time FIF came about due to college but came back later in the early 2000s and few some bombing runs of some sort.  Apparently Lowen & Strick went onto great things afterwards 😆I remember something about promised lands, I still have my WFP folder (apparently they're up to 6 now?), and I think I missed FCJ.  After that, I remember something about Flander's Fields but it was kinda pricey per airframe model (or am I thinking of something else?) and I couldn't afford it.  Was also another cool game Wings with Wires but that fell through.   

Truth is, I just haven't had the time in the past 20 years :(

Anyway, glad y'all are still about and hope you're having fun! 


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Hi Wufnu, it's great to hear from you!

I don't think we ever flew together, as I joined JG1 in June 2001, and was in Jasta 6 under Wolfgang and Wilhelm.  But @Butzzell, @Lowengrin, @Wurger, @Degelow, and @RivRat are still around.  @EvLeep even pops in once in a while, though, it's been about a year since I've heard from him.

If you want a blast from the past, here is the JG1 website circa December 2001.


It's always a trip to check it out.  I have a lot of fond memories of the old black and red website.

If you're ever interested in flying again, just let us know.  We're mostly flying IL-2: Flying Circus and Rise of Flight right now.  In the meantime, I'd be happy to give you our TeamSpeak information if you're interested in chatting.  Just let me know.

Hope to talk more soon.

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Also, definitely check out our posted history: https://jg1.org/richthofen/history/

If there are any details that you can remember that it doesn't cover, let me know.  Keeping track of all of the past details of the squadron has been a priority for me, as it's so easy for it to pass into the ether.

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Neat!  Clicking some links I managed to find a page from '99. Reading the names is like using a time machine in my brain, hah. 



Seems I was still around in late '99 but not very much, only 2 kills according to J4 roster of the time 😁 Managed to find my old scheme, too. 


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