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Anyone using the Thrustmaster T.Flight Rudder?


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Was having a little go in the Bf-109 G-14, getting used to the torque on take off and putting in that right rudder and a bit of right brake. However I was finding it very difficult to slide my pedals how I wanted to whilst also putting downwards pressure on the toe brake to ensure I was taxiing in a straight line.

I used the Saitek Pro Flight pedals for years but they broke and I heard they got really shoddy construction quality (they were already iffy) under Logitechs wing after Saitek got bought out. Wishing I'd saved up some more for some Crosswind pedals :(.

Unsure if it's just my technique, or an issue inherent with the product. In DCS the rudder honestly doesn't see a lot of use on the ground. At the most you use a bit of differential braking on the MiG but it doesn't require simultaneous rudder input and brake.

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I’m using T-Flight pedals on my laptop with MSFS2020.  I’ve flattened the rudder response curve a bit, but haven’t had any issues with the brakes. I use CH pedals on my workstation.  Brakes are similar, but the CH rudder has slightly longer travel. 

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