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Source codes? Programming "AI" planes!


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It has long been a dream of mine to program the AI pilots into being something worth flying against in single player and not merely bullet sponges usable only as a tool to calibrate my Mk.II eyeballs for lead computing.  I am only beginning to learn coding as a career path but I would like to know exactly what it is I need to know to start messing with the programming of bots.  I have been encouraged in this by the fairly recent Alpha Dogfight trials which left me rather unimpressed with the performance of AI.  I was thinking about using IL-2 1946 for this but I am unsure if the source code is available for this or if perhaps the necessary code is accessible for IL-2 GB.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

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I don't believe the source code for IL-2 1946 was ever made officially public.  Rather, it was hacked, and the late 2000s mods that sprung up were a result of that hack.

Team Diadalos, the group that was continuing IL-2 1946's development (and currently has it on version 4.14), continued the work started by 1C: Maddox with a non-commercial license.


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