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Update to DCS Beta today


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Posted 6 hours ago

DCS World

  • Fix Returned net.* API to Mission Scripting environment.
  • F-15E, JSOW start fixed.
  • F-16C. Crash due to changes in cockpit local files fixed.
  • Su-25. Crash during repair fixed.
  • Screen flickers black in some case - fixed.

DCS: L-39 Albatros by Eagle Dynamics

  • Training missions: wrong takeoff direction fixed.

DCS: MiG-19P Farmer by RAZBAM

  • Communication menu fixed.

DCS: AJS-37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations

  • Incorrect waypoints fixed.


L-39 Albatros: Kursant Campaign by Eagle Dynamics:

  • Mission 10: Wind tuning.
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IMO, and I think Moxy shares the opinion, it's problematic at this time. When Moxy joined (both of us had checked the Voice Chat VOIP box in DCS settings) everyone's volume in TS as well as the game went way low for me. I had to turn everything up. Then when he left, my ears were blasted by the high volumes. I noticed that it affected the volumes in the Windows volume mixer as well. It's going to require testing with it activated on the server. Our supposition is that it might cause problems when we have a mix of people who have and have not activated it.

For now, we should stay with our current comms sets.

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The question is...why the check box (voice chat on) is mess'in things up? At this moment "we" all have absolutely no idea!, only speculation.

So in order to proceed, and I think we should, (because of the possibilities, and because we don't know crap) we need a test platform, outside of practice!

In other words another project.  Currently "we" JG1 has nothing that blanket' ly works!!! Every program requires a minimum of parameters, that require not only user but group adaption, not to mention bugs, and pulling teeth. (perfection)If this voice chat program, seamlessly functions integrated in-pit , IE clickable cockpit, DCS will be uniquely functional,  the other sims will  be the community "set up, cross platforming, Nightmare!" If this DCS radio, has anything in it that requires "user perfection"....its  another cross platform, just not another 3rd party  program.

This thing has to be user "automatic", and Server programing simply "clean"...that's a small window! But "we" need to know!  What Ive had read, skimmed over, that's its intent. Is intent reality?        

Play with it, read about it , discover what gives, maybe its the great hope, while Im trying to take off with bombs and full flaps.

with in 3 weeks, we'll know lol




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Ran some tests tonight.

Set up for WW2, is simple! 1 "radio" in the airplane = 1 push to talk button.  (Push  "channel's" ,  to comm)...Same as SRS.   Overlay is "clear" and simple. Better than srs???? That is as far as I got, no one to talk to!

We can test on our server, on the fly....just have to tick the voice chat, before getting into the server.

single radio key binding



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I would prefer to not try this until they get the known bug of changing all of my volumes when it is on fixed. It's extremely annoying and almost unflyable for me. (We can maybe test it as Mox says above but please uncheck the "Enable" once we start any practice).

I'm all for it once they have a fix for the issue and it does look promising.

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