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  1. I got it fixed. You want to know what I did? I unplugged it and plugged it back in. I denounce myself!
  2. Hi folks, I haven't been doing the flight sims as much. I have a trusty Thrustmaster X HOTAS I've been using for a number of years. Right now the symptom I'm having is that if I pull the stick all the way down (as in climbing) the input will drop back to the center once the full range of the negative y axis is reached. Positive Y axis seems fine. I've put a link to a video below. The calibration looks weird and I need to figure that out, but it's mostly the Y axis thing I'm worried about.
  3. Hello everyone, long time no see. I would like to plan on participating next weekend, 10/31.
  4. I went and saw it. Very unique film, obviously a labor of love. Very moving and sobering as well. It's very broad in some ways, and they didn't talk about battle specifics, but I believe the action described was at Cambrai.
  5. I had a great time last night Gents. Thanks to Hotlead for reaching out and bringing me back in. I hope to keep on for a little while at least until #2 is born in January. From a tactical perspective, we suffered last night by splitting our second flight on the Foucacourt map between PDIII's and my single PD12. We could see the two seaters being shadowed by scouts at about 3.5-4, but I was the only one who could get up that high, and by that time everyone took their toys and went home. I patrolled for a while, deep in Entente lines too, but didn't see anything. Then Larner, I think, caught me at the worst possible moment of the entire evening when I was trying to enter a fight at Warfusee. Peeled my wings right off fair and square. That was a crushing disappointment but I think it will go smoother next time. As always thanks for 103rd for participating and being such good sports. Also, Talbot - you know. SALUTE JG1_JOCASSEE
  6. I feel like this needs to go in the canon of Quoteable Quotes of Dogfighting. Barton, like you, I have been experimenting shooting without the glass, looking over the nose of the plane. I find it quite intuitive, but I'm without TrackIR. I would say fully half my kills so far have been using no glass or half glass.
  7. I'm really excited about the release! Unfortunately I don't think those aircraft are even planned for release...yet.
  8. You and me and Mox could probably do an awesome Flight Simulator/Historical podcast.
  9. I had a great time as always. Thanks to my fellow ground attack pilots for flying into the storm of shot and steel with me. Salute!
  10. It's always a sad surprise when an Alb comes apart like that. It's a phenomenal bird, as long as the wings stay put. Ironically, I've also had an Se5 come apart with no visible damage. Enjoyed flying as always.
  11. I'm excited about Flying Circus. It's been refreshing flying BoS and seeing up to 60 or more people on a server. Totally different experience than ROF. Hopefully Flying Circus will draw the numbers.
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