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  1. I pretty much just need the Collector planes (Have the standard editions) and Battle of Normandy. I also don't have tank crew yet, but that hasn't been put on sale unfortunately.
  2. I'm in there like Swim wear. What does the squadron think would be best for me to buy? I'm guessing planes, now that I have all the base modules?
  3. One of the tightest Rhythm sections and most stacked woodwinds sections you're ever going to hear in a big band ever. Phil Collins big band is still around even these days but unfortunately a lot of the great old Cats like George Duke are dead or dying/can't play anymore.
  4. More WWI history pretending to be about guns from C&Rsenal, this series is honestly such a Goldmine.
  5. Nothing cooler than light fighters operating out of a temporary airbase on a runway. So rugged.
  6. That's a neat coincidence, I found that exact same video that Klaiber posted 2-3 days ago when looking up videos about the F-5. That MiG 21 sure ate an awful lot of 20mm without taking substantial damage. Good fun and flying by all involved. I really do love Light jet fighters. They seem to be the closest modern jet fighters to WWI/WWII style fighter engagements due to their limitations. So it always makes watching them fight really enjoyable. Bonus points for being so cheap and easy to produce that they'd likely be the main aircraft of any WWIII-esque conflict between major powers. (Can't poop out hundreds of F-35's a year, comparatively speaking)
  7. Lets hope we never have to find out and all of us can continue to revel in 1st-4th gen fighter combat in the simulator, instead, yeah?
  8. Don't mind me, I'm just admiring the most adorable Super Sonic jet ever. It has such a cute snoot!
  9. I've never played a civilian flight simulator before but I heard grumblings they might expand the new MFS with Some Military bases and Military aircraft at some point? IF true I think it would be really fun to fly out of my Local Air Guard and USAF bases, and MSP in some jets since I live close to Minneapolis.
  10. I love, love LOVE LOVE AV Web! He reminds me of my ex USAF Cargo pilot Godfather Pete. He's got an amazingly dry sense of humor while he talks about the general aviation topics. Check him out!!!
  11. Thought this was cool even if it was explained at a beginner level:
  12. On the Airwaves. Radio waves. Come on, some of us are young but we still love Military aviation history so we at least know that. At least I think that's what "Going on air" and "Going off air" means?
  13. Watching these videos really makes me wish I could fly a Jet one day. Even a light fighter like a MiG-21/G.91/F-5 would probably just about make me poop myself.
  14. Did I mention I love watching modern Jets take off solely on power alone? Lmfao. look at this ***disgusting*** AOA on carrier based Mig 29's! Get off my planet this technology seems alien!
  15. Yeah they're genuinely fantastic. I really love learning about the trade/economic agreements between various nations that lead to certain countries ending up with certain arms. It puts WWI into a fantastic perspective.
  16. Nothing like some C&Rsenal! 2 Hour long History lectures disguised as firearms content!
  17. Sorry for being absent everybody. I'm still really struggling with how fluid my schedule is due to contracting; attempting to find a balance so I can attend 100% for certain and not say "Yeah I'll be there" then have to miss last minute is difficult and frustrating.
  18. Updating myself now - see you guys later tonight for practice.
  19. Salutations! Thank you very much for sharing, this all looks like good stuff! Will have to see how this goes at some point when I fly Great Battles next.
  20. I am not a fan of the proposed layout, but if any racing series can produce good close racing on any Layout - it's Indycar. So hopefully they manage to not have a processional race, fingers crossed!
  21. Listening to some of the old cats today . . .
  22. Holy crap Saggle, you don't have to do that, thanks a million!
  23. Salutations squadron! This is what I managed to get from when we rolled all 8 of the squadron pilots in a line a week or two ago on Combat Box! Sorry if my view isn't too spectacular!
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