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  1. Now is my TIME! Do what you can, die if you must and buy sims on SALE! Edit: Oh yeah baby. It's G-14/K-4/D-9 time! I'm yet to fly anything in any flight simulator that requires engine management that isn't simply Mixture adjustments. So. I hope the Jumo in the Dora is kind to me!
  2. I'll hold off and take a look around the sale times, then. In the meantime I'll just have to bite the bullet and reeaaalllllyyyy turn the Zoom factor up on my Mk.1 Eyeballs as much as possible! Also I found a list of AMD Freesync monitors that are supported on nVidia cards/drivers that I can look into as well. I really wish my Rift would be able to track my head movements to use in the flight sim, it would be so absolutely glorious. But such is life!
  3. Wow holy heck - they still make them but they're $1,000 in the US!
  4. Yeah, the low response time gives me a little pause! I would be willing to try one of the Curved monitors but they're almost all Freesync instead of nVidia G-Sync or VSync, which is getting frustrating! "Oh wow this looks nice, perfect specs and - whoops - wrong Synchronisation again, next. I'll keep my nose to the ground
  5. Thanks guys! That gives me some pretty specific advice on Criteria that I'll look towards applying! I have a 1070GTI Overclocked rig with an i9 series so I typically run single-screen games in the 120-180 FPS range, especially flight sims which I find a bit less graphically intensive than racing sims or other more "Ground-clutter dense" games. So I'll look for a beefy refresh rate if possible. Of the links that I originally sent, the AOC Curved monitor seems to fit the criteria: https://tinyurl.com/y64lu5fv I've never run a curved monitor so I'm not sure if I should stay away from them, but hey it's an option. I looked at the currently Manufactured Dell monitors and all the 1080p monitors in the 24-30 inch size range only have 4-5ms response, so I might have to stay away from them unfortunately. There's also this one by a place called Spectre (ohhh, spooky 🙄 ) : https://tinyurl.com/y5gtepwn Finding a lot of FreeSync Monitors but not many with nVidia G-Sync, is that an issue or will an AMD-card sync work with my nVidia card system? Edit: Found a G-sync that gets really close to the criteria by Acer that could work!: https://tinyurl.com/y64gysdc
  6. Salutations everybody! I wanted to start thinking about some potential future upgrades for my current setup using TrackIR. As I've experimented with in flights, my Rift CV1's head tracking is too twitchy/sensitive/glitchy (off centers and can't look vertically without the view warping around) to use in IL:2: So I think the TrackIR w/ single monitor is going to continue to be the path I walk for flight sim visuals. My current monitor is this: HP LED monitor, 1600x900 pixels, 20 Inches size, 60hz refresh rate on a swing-out monitor stand using a VESA-Plate. I was thinking of potentially upsizing to a 1080p Monitor (or greater?) in the 25-35 inch range. I'm not super monitor-savvy as I've always just run cheap, previously outdated models (Had a CRT until 2015!!!) so if anybody has any ideas, suggestions or general advice I'd appreciate it. I'd most likely be buying this for myself as a Christmas or Birthday present sometime near November/December, so, I have time to mull things over. I don't know what's best to have a good view and nice quality to help you "Spot the Dot" and my Budget would likely be the $200-350 Bracket and I'm ***extremely*** ignorant so any and all information would be helpful. Here are a few links to options I've found that seem nice, but I don't know enough about to disseminate the inferior/superior qualities when compared to each other!!! Really sorry if this is long winded, any information to help me learn the differences between things and what to look for - as well as direct recommendations would be appreciated! The list of what I've found that seems to be a reasonable upgrade so far: 1: https://www.amazon.com/ViewSonic-VX3276-MHD-Frameless-Widescreen-DisplayPort/dp/B0787WGCXT/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Monitor&qid=1597685797&refinements=p_n_size_browse-bin%3A3547808011&rnid=2633086011&s=pc&sr=1-1 2:https://www.amazon.com/Philips-325E1C-Surper-Curved-Frameless-Replacement/dp/B083FJC5DM/ref=sr_1_29?dchild=1&keywords=Monitor&qid=1597686432&refinements=p_n_size_browse-bin%3A3547808011&rnid=2633086011&s=pc&sr=1-29 3: https://www.amazon.com/AOC-Q32V3-Monitor-Refresh-Coverage/dp/B086WBLJ6M/ref=sr_1_51?dchild=1&keywords=Monitor&qid=1597686676&refinements=p_n_size_browse-bin%3A3547808011&rnid=2633086011&s=pc&sr=1-51 4: https://www.amazon.com/Acer-EB321HQU-Cbidpx-Monitor-Display/dp/B07X6KJKNZ/ref=sr_1_12?dchild=1&keywords=Monitor&qid=1597686711&refinements=p_n_size_browse-bin%3A3547808011&rnid=2633086011&s=pc&sr=1-12
  7. Okay, voted for "Either side put me where you need me" - although I've never flown any Entente planes, I can imagine they roughly similar to the Central Powers aircraft of the period!
  8. Okay! I'll get reg'd up in advance - just a word of warning, I got done with my monthly set of students tonight, and have off next week - if my course schedule changes by september I may not be able to attend, but I'll do my best to!
  9. Would I be allowed to resister, or must I acquire more flight experience/class C&D training first? I'm not sure if the time slot will work out now that I've double checked but I love the WWI planes so far and it looks SUPER fun!
  10. If I end up getting it I'll probably do a "Race Track Tour" of the US from the Air, based out of my local regional airports!
  11. Thanks a million everybody! I'll for sure wait until the fall sales start arriving then and try to hop in with you all in the G-14's and K-4's once I can pick Base Plate up!
  12. That seems like a really reasonable course of action for now. I'm not trying to pressure anybody into making a statement or commitment or anything, sorry if it accidentally sounded that way. I really want to make sure that I'm picking up the modules that many of the members would recommend/like to use in future so I can be of more use in the squadron flyouts and have the best fun-to-money ratio possible. Thanks Jester!
  13. S! I wanted to post in here for mainly the purposes of a question as a newer squad member: however I see this could also potentially branch out into a discussion if we wanted to with some of the more experience members! To preface - as I'm newer to the squadron after a period of flight-sim absence, I have the earlier IL:2 modules from Stalingrad to Kuban/Moscow, but none of the "late war" Modules such as Bodenplatte or Normandy. I've noticed a bit of discussion about things like re-shade not being required in the New IL:2 Cliffs of Dover - Tobruk module, as the plane-pop/distance scouting issue is apparently not present and/or not as large on the older modules. My question would be - going forward and planning my purchases. Would it be better to purchase the Bodenplatte expansion to have access to higher performance machines in the Great Battles engine? We fly a lot of later war maps on Combat Box when we fly Oseau practice, and I've noticed that me only having access to the mid G-series Bf-109's sometimes relegates me out of use for Sweep and Cover. However, if we were to branch out into Tobruk because the general user base seems pleased with it - would that be more worthwhile as the next module to acquire? I hope this doesn't sound like a low-brow question, but with money and work tight because of the COVID I want to make sure I'm aligning my purchases as much as possible with the direction of the squad! I hope you're all staying safe and healthy! The Aug 11th flyouts were really enjoyable and I hope you all had fun too!
  14. I've never flown a civilian flight simulator but this looks like it could be really good for my basic handling skills etc. Might want to get in some LSA's or UL's out of my local regional airport I have here and fly around town!
  15. Thanks! I've always run plain white helmets and White/Red cars for many years! So it's a call back to when my and my father were running Karts and Legends cars growing up - now that I'm older and my family doesn't support me - I can't repaint/wrap them due to cost, and since I haven't raced in so long it's become extremely low priority; but the helmet helps carry on the theme. I wanted something "Retro simplistic" and immediately recognizable! I'm hoping to get white gloves to match the next time my current set expires, as well
  16. Old 240z's, FB and FC RX-7's, 924's, 944's, etc are peak "Golden age sports car" to me. Independent suspension. A limited slip or an open diff (lol) and an I4 or I6 w/ mechanical injection or Carbs. Just such a fun period of baby sports car.
  17. It was! Dodging that TA2 class car was a big wakeup call, though! Glad that you're normally looking upwind of the cars at station 12 there! Lots of opportunities for showing blue flags, especially in the multi-class races as well!
  18. Hey everybody! I managed to cobble together some footage from working corners at Brainered International Raceway a few weeks ago! I hope it can potentially be enjoyable so you guys can get a bit of a "Behind the scenes" from real life racing things. I was only working flags on this one, but I may be doing more events both volunteering and driving as we come into the Fall! https://youtu.be/LMs8F1UJl4Q
  19. I didn't have any expectations so that was a lot more amusing that I'd have thought.
  20. Awesome to hear! Congrats. Petition to change your name from Hotlead to Hotwed once the wedding ceremony is complete? 😎
  21. It was certainly an interesting race. It appears as if many teams are feeling the sting of limited season length and labor-hours in their factories due to COVID Shutdowns; Italy got hit particularly hard hence why Ferrari is struggling particularly bad. (After reading this I see Firefly mentioned this in the OP of the thread! Glad I'm not just crazy!) Lots of Hydraulic/Gearbox control related issues for Merc and Williams, which doesn't bode super well. Extremely high retirement rate due to Mechanical DNF in general today, which could really shake things up as the season goes on, considering how short it is. Happy for the pace of the new McLaren. Interested to see how the rest of the season pans out. My best bet is that we'll start to see the usual HAM-BOT-VER podium pattern once we get to the 2nd or 3rd circuit on the calendar and the teams are spooled up and operating at full tilt again. I hope to God I'm wrong, though. Love this sport, but have grown sick of watching it from 14-19' after being spoiled with 2009-2013 growing up. My gut feeling about the Albon/Hamilton incident is that according to F1 rules, more of the blame is on Albon; but as a driver I can pretty much tell HAM committed to the corner, then couldn't correct or back out and just got tangled in Albons wheel tracks and understeered into him - ALB was also trying to square the exit off (cut in at a steep, flat angle for traction) since he was on the Outside so they were naturally always going to hit each-other there. Sucks to see. Gutted for Albon. I feel like ruling it a racing incident w/ no penalty or the eventual actual outcome of a 5-second timed were pretty spot on by the stewards. It doesn't give Albon his race back but since it wasn't a particularly large mistake it doesn't warrant a 10 second timed or Drive-through. Watching the Ferrari onboards I feel like they're having problems with the Rear Roll-centre of the suspension and/or engine back-torque of the car. Both cars seemed to over-rotate when coasting on transition between braking and turn-in point. Vettel seemed to be having a much harder time of it than Leclerc did, and frankly the high casualty rate and pure luck managed to net a Ferrari Podium in this race. They'll probably be 5th-8th the rest of the season depending on how the McLaren gets developed and if Sport Pesa Racing Point can figure out how to update their reverse-engineered car. I'd watch for them to drop off it they haven't managed to understand the fundamental design concept by Hungary/Great Britain as everybody's gone through their first large ration of updates.
  22. If anybody wants some music that has less propensity to distract while on their June 29th Richtoffen practice sorties I would recommend the following, both for being pretty low-activity for the mind and nice and smooth. 😎 Joe Pass - Meditation - Solo Jazz Guitar: Masayoshi Takanata (Lead Writer for Japanese Jazz super-group "Cassiopea") - The Rainbow Goblins - Radio Play, Orchestral/Fusion funk: This one's really esoteric and has lots of cheesy sounding 1980's Synths and stuff so you might want to stay away from it, I was turned off by it personally at first and had to find which portions of which songs actually sounded real nice to me. Mostly the guitar tones - which are often used to make weather effects or simulate singing/violin melodies are really spectacular.
  23. Plonked down some Dosh on the Flying Circus module. Super excited to dip into WWI!
  24. Tick tacks and 7-up - Mint and lime. Just like a Mojito! I like!
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