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Curious what headsets you guys have?

My old gave me horrible sores behind my earlobes so I had to stop using it about a month ago, but I got a new Sennhesier!


My headset now is a Sennhesier Game Zero. $250ish headset, reminds me a lot of Bose aviation headsets in terms of comfortably. 

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I also have a Sennheiser (I think it's a PC-350 or something like that).  It has worked perfectly for years and is not deteriorating in any way.  My personal preference is for the heavier, padded, over-the-ear type.  I think a lot of what you get is a good quality microphone.  If it works without having to boost the level and stays stable over time without having to adjust the voice activation level, that is a good thing to have.  It seems like many cheaper types fall short in that area.

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I've just got an old $20-ish Logitech headset, 1/8" connectors rather than USB (looks like the 120 model, here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Logitech-980447-0914-PC-Headset-120/dp/B000FKNZR0) and it's great.  Really good sound, and I gather from others that my voice is clear on the mic, so unless you're a real audiophile and want to spend more money, that's all you need!


I always use push-to-talk rather than voice activation, and given the amount of extraneous noise which sometimes plagues our comms, I urge everyone to do the same. ;)





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Yes nothing gets your attention faster than the sound of CLAWS in the back of your chair except maybe MG fire on your aircraft ... I made the mistake of giving my cat attention after she started this sooooo .. now it's a habit which if not answered runs the risk of claws in the fat of my elbow / upper arm ..... :o 


  Guess it means I keep the treats close at hand ...




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I bought these on a whim cause they were cheap, and I like multi speakers in a headset for flying.

Although "our" flight sims will support kinda of a multi speaker surround sound (their not authored that way, and neather

is "surround sound" correct for sim's)...These things push a most realistic cockpit  tone, feel, position, and low resonance.

"I was absolutely amazed"


The sub woofer vibration setting, lets you "feel" the aircraft, gear/stresses/impacts/engine etc.

Their "clean", up to deafening volume.

Frequency response is outstanding (I pull easily 20 to 30Hz out of these things! War/engines/bombs its all low frequency)

Gui has good features, and lets you move the speakers around ( get those 110 engines/sounds where their suppose ta be)

Encoder is pretty good, usb plug n play, don't have blow your head off to get these things to perform. But they can.


For 'our' flight sim's, I love the tone, and open feel. They produce a tonality like Van Halen's first album.

But I'm deaf anyway lol


Good luck




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Yes nothing gets your attention faster than the sound of CLAWS in the back of your chair except maybe MG fire on your aircraft ... 


My cat has even been responsible for the latter on occasion ... when she jumps up in my lap, I sometimes let her just sit there if there's no action imminent, knowing that if I toss her back to the floor, she'll jump right back up.  Usually she just sits quietly and nestles her face into the crook of my elbow, but there have been times when she's been unable to resist suddenly bumping her head against my joystick hand, sometimes pressing my thumb against the button which I have mapped for overwing guns (WWI) or cannon (WWII).  So if you're flying on my wing and I suddenly start firing at nothing, without even calling out that I've seen a bandit, that may well be the reason.

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