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S! All


We have been discussing a Wen night 9:00 pm time for an FiF event.  We realize that participation numbers will not be as strong as the Saturday event. To take that into account, the map is smaller.


We want to let people who might not be familiar with Flanders in Flames to check it out. At this time we will have some introductory sessions.  There will be no server pass word, no death penalty and we will use RoF Team Speak :  ts3.riseofflight.net:7777    pass: 1917.  There is a Flanders in Flames section.  Please join a team there to find out what missions are available.


Plane set: Entente - SE5a, SPAD7, N-28 and Breguet.   Central: Alb DVa, Alb D.III, Pfalz D.III and DFW


Mission objectives:


Entente objectives: Hidden recon HQ,  Front line recon, Factory, Bridge,  Capture the General, Aerodrome attack, artillery spot, Secondary targets as they become available. 


Central objectives: Hidden recon HQ,  Espion mission, Factory, Bridge, Moving Ship, Aerodrome attack, artillery spot, Secondary targets as they become available.


Mission "how to" descriptions and target pictures can be found in the FiF  objectives section at JG1


The Factory used in FiF is a group of grey buildings from the Channel map. This gives them a unique identity and easily seen. They can not be confused with the usual factory buildings.


The area should be very familiar to most on line players.






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It occurred to me that if we want to interest new pilots in FiF, people who don't know how our missions work, maybe it might be a good idea to put some extra information periodically repeating in on-screen text?  In addition to the usual bald notifications 'Factory 3, Bridge 1', etc., something like 'complete recon missions to receive locations of new targets', and the like.  Since, as has been pointed out, a lot of people don't read the detailed mission briefings, this might be a way to help them learn as they fly.





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S! All


Again Wen. night at 8:45 pm Eastern North America time we will be doing FiF lite.  Again we will use RoF Team Speak :  ts3.riseofflight.net:7777    pass: 1917.   


If you are interested in mission oriented play, please join us. If you need help with doing a mission or are trying to understand what the active targets are Just ask on TS or in chat.

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